Poste Italiane hires: postmen and financial consultants

The company hires, in such a particular moment. There are two open positions. Consultants and postmen are sought.

The moment historical is delicate, a lot. The phase we live for one reason or another takes on the tones of absolute uniqueness. Right now, many companies are firing, resizing agreements and contracts. There are those who hire and do it in the most fruitful way possible, for company and worker. Italian post is looking for specific profiles, profiles that can make the company, in some cases, make that leap in quality that a moment historical like this one almost pretends.

Italian post is looking for financial advisors and postmen. Two roles that in today’s company assume an absolutely fundamental importance. In the first case we are talking about the one who at the center of a project on the very detailed person, made up of coaching and training, will have to bring to the company, to its insurance sector, in this case, new customers, new citizens who trust and want that the company manage this service for them.

Poste Italiane, open positions and deadlines for submitting the candidacy

On the other hand, as regards the role of postman there is an initial fixed-term contract and training, also in this case, assiduous and efficient. The requirement of access to the candidacy in this case it requires at least a high school diploma with an evaluation of at least 70/100. The company will arrange for the supply of a moped and will evaluate the driving skills of the aforementioned means of transport of the potential hired.

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The date by which it is possible to send one’s candidacy to one of the two open positions is December 31, 2021. Today, considering the very complicated moment that our country, and not only, is experiencing, we can say that we are lucky to have companies on the national territory that decide to hire, to expand the number of their employees, to put up and bet on new levers. Today a similar reflection is a must and certainly deserves praise. Today, work and the certainty of a salary are perhaps the main factors characterizing the life of women and men of our time in our country. Italian post, focuses on them.


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