Post video with dates of the sea, reported in Bari – Puglia

Fishing prohibited because extraction destroys the seabed

(ANSA) – BARI, 10 SEPTEMBER – Post a video on facebook with sea dates, whose fishing is prohibited, and in a short time he is identified and reported. It happened to a 46-year-old from Bari, already known for previous fishing violations, framed by a video shot and published on social media, in which the man “flaunted”, say the investigators of the Bari Coast Guard, the consumption of some specimens of sea dates. The 46-year-old responds to the detention, for the purpose of consumption, of sea dates, which provides for arrest from two months to two years or a fine from 2 thousand euros to 12 thousand euros. In fact, fishing, holding, transshipment, landing, transport and marketing of dates at any stage of growth is prohibited, because their extraction destroys coasts and sea beds. (HANDLE).


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