Home Video Positions (in front, behind, etc.) – Find your way around CP – CE1 – CE2 – FLE – Cycle 2

Positions (in front, behind, etc.) – Find your way around CP – CE1 – CE2 – FLE – Cycle 2

by drbyos

#positions #learningnation #education # home school This video addresses the vocabulary of positions (over, under, above, below, beside, near, far, outside, inside, behind, in front, in between) for cycle 2 students (CP, CE1, CE2). It is about understanding the lexicon and reusing it to describe a position. Find all of Master Lucas’ videos by visiting his site: https://maitrelucas.fr/bibliotheque-video/ As well as this lesson: https://maitrelucas.fr/lecons/les-positions-cp-ce1-ce2/ My tip: this vocabulary is easy to use on a daily basis. You can also organize games by positioning toys. I suggest making a game where you hide a toy and your child has to find it using position words. Skills: – Master the vocabulary allowing to define positions. – Distinguish a position and find the appropriate vocabulary. Who is this video for: Level: CP – CE1 – CE2 Subject matter: discovery of the world CP, questioning the world CP, discovery of the world CE1, questioning the world CE1, discovery of the world CE2, questioning the world CE2, finding one’s way in The Lessons space: questioning the world, discovering the world, finding one’s bearings in space Master Lucas has been a teacher for many years. He has taught at all levels of preschool and elementary school in Europe and the United States. He also obtained a teaching award in New York. Today, he takes care of teacher training, but is always available to offer new videos to his subscribers :-).

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