Portugal, the country where there is no sexual harassment or abuse | Opinion

Manuel Carvalho wrote an editorial about this strange mystery that is the almost non-existence of allegations of sexual abuse in the Portuguese and Spanish Churches, while absolutely devastating reports about systematic abuses in the United States, Ireland, Australia or now in france, where an independent report promoted by the French bishops themselves revealed that over 70 years (from 1950 to 2020) more than 2,000 clergy sexually abused 200,000 minors (estimate), a number that rises to 300,000 if it also includes lay people at the service of the Church. If we think that 70 years is about 25,550 days, that’s an average of 12 sexual abuses a day, a number so extraordinarily high and absurd that it’s hard to believe it could be true – which makes the mystery highlighted by the director of the PÚBLICO: Do the Portuguese and Spanish Churches have any special immunity to sexual abuse, or do they simply not risk commissioning an independent report for fear of what it might reveal?



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