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Portrait of Rebekka Reinhard

by drbyos

Rebekka Reinhard, philosopher and bestselling author (including “The Sensory Diet”) in conversation with Susanne Conrad, ZDF-Mittagsmagazin, in the Nachtcafé (SWR), in the Nachtstudio (ZDF) and in West.Art (WDR). Press: “It is impressive how Reinhard underpins her apparently simple recipes such as ‘Get rid of nonsense’ or ‘Whistle on good timing’ with complex philosophical theories.” Psychology Today “In her books, Reinhard presents the search for meaning as a survival strategy for the modern People represent. ”Focus“ The Munich author Rebekka Reinhard has had enough of the patent recipes for a happy and fulfilling life. Instead of waiting for answers, she prefers to ask questions – and in doing so discovers the eroticism of thought and philosophy. ”Welt am Sonntag

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