Portrait: Mwasi Moyindo, the tempo in the blood …

Feeling a call for the arts, Mwasi Moyindo joined the “Styl’Oblique” nursery in 2012 to express the flows of life that circulated in her. Actress and slammer now made, she uses her pen with genius to reconnect the human with what is most authentic and deep in him.

Reaching its letters of nobility with the clip “Zala Yo” which could be translated as “Be yourself, registered in the AfroClub Hit of the turntables of Radio France Internationale and on Deezer, Spotify and other front-line platforms, Mwasi Moyindo nevertheless knew how to transmit through his Live sessions on YouTube, prior to the aroused single, vibrations and bewitching sounds ambassadors of the greatness of his soul and his art.

Like a griot who not only conveys intellectual knowledge, but a whole energy deeply rooted in the roots of African culture, in rumba, but also in more ancestral, traditional notes and expressions, in a mixture such as we have want to listen and listen to what to do.

If we recognize her a talent that she has been able to exploit and put forward, we also recognize an entrepreneurial intelligence highly carried by the art of communication. Its networks, displaying pieces worthy of the greatest stars, deliberately show this desire to embody art in all its forms, with its features and its black skin, now a mark of distinction.

Ellen DeGeneres, famous American animator, said: “ Find out who you are and be that person. It is for this purpose that your soul was brought to this Earth. Find this truth and live it, the rest will come by itself ”.

Gratitude for Theresa, who best embodies these words, thus inspiring a whole generation of women and men.

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