Poor public transportation in La Florida de Altamira

ALTAMIRA, TAMAULIPAS.- Residents of the Laguna Florida sector in Altamira indicated that the public transport service provided by the two routes is deficient, after it leaves them at the entrance of the colony and they have to walk a large number of blocks.

María Isabel Medina, a resident of this sector, said that they are tired of this situation that is occurring and that affects more than 1,000 families who live in this subdivision that is 5 minutes from the downtown area of ​​Altamira.

“The settlers of this subdivision have for many years struggling with a very serious problem: public transportation; I feel very disappointed in this subdivision that has a very high capital gain because that is how they were sold to us and we do not have transportation “, she explained

They indicated that the subdivision is very large and public transport leaves it at the entrance of the subdivision, for which the elderly and mothers with small children have to walk a large number of blocks.

In addition, he said that the combis on the Laguna Florida route that provide the service are in a deplorable state, leaving them in the middle of the road and the car only at the entrance.

By Silvia Mejía Elías / La Razón


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