Pont-à-Mousson. Blood drive this Monday, September 13 at Espace Montrichard

The Association of blood donors of Pont-à-Mousson and its surroundings remains mobilized throughout the year. After having organized a blood donation day in August, the members of the team will be mobilized again this Monday, September 13. “We will return to the sociocultural room, but only in the afternoon, from 3:30 to 7:30 p.m.”, specifies Nathalie Lenoir, vice-president and secretary of the association. As always, the strongest argument to encourage giving unfortunately remains the same: “Inventories are low and there is an urgent need to give. Especially since this period of re-entry, scheduled surgical operations are resuming and everyone knows that a transfusion may be necessary for the smooth running of the operation or the rapid recovery of patients, ”adds Nathalie Lenoir.

For an optimal organization of the collection and in order to limit the waiting time, it is preferable to make an appointment on the website of the French Blood Establishment or with the Blood Donation application, but it will be possible to continue to give without an appointment. “The health pass is not required. For people who have been sick, donation becomes possible again fifteen days after the end of symptoms or a negative test also dating from fifteen days. The anti-Covid vaccine does not postpone the donation, ”says the vice-president.

Obviously, it will be necessary to respect the barrier gestures, with wearing of the mask and hydroalcoholic gel.

Monday September 13 from 3:30 to 7:30 p.m. Salle Montrichard. Dondesang.efs.sante.fr.

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