Pomigliano, the clochard beaten to death and the shock videos of the violence. “I’m good”

Pomigliano, the clochard beaten to death and the shock videos of the violence.  “I’m good”

The story of Frederick Akwasi Adofo, the clochard who lost his life after being beaten to death by two little boys, shocked the whole country. In these hours some are circulating on the net video clips showing the violence committed by the underage couple against the defenseless man.

Horror videos

Frederick, a 43-year-old Ghanaian, died in the night between Sunday 18 and Monday 19 June after being literally beaten to death. Totally unjustified violence. In the finished videos on social media, perhaps exchanged to get a few likes, it is clear that the 43-year-old had now ended up in the crosshairs of his captors. In a first shot, one of the boys can be seen sneaking up on the clochard, who is standing resting. Suddenly the young man begins to hit him violently with an unidentifiable object. Frederick finally manages to free himself and save himself, while the boy who is recording says something to his partner and bursts out laughing.

In another video, published by Repubblica.it, instead Frederick sitting on the ground trying to drive the boys away. However, these rage against him, with repeated blows to the head and shoulders. Another video: in this case one of the boys is filmed while he is performing tricks on a bicycle. Finally there is the last video, the one in which it is possible to hear the words of the 43-year-old before beating mortal. “What is your name?“, two boys ask him between one laugh and another. “I don’t like‘, Frederick seems to say. ‘Because I’m good“. A moment, and the tormentors are on him, to start hitting him again. It is the last attack, then death.

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A violence without reason

What happened to Pomigliano d’Arco (Naples) has left Italy in shock. Why such violence? Given that such behaviors are always to be condemned, Frederick does not seem to have done anything to unleash the fury of the boys. The images of surveillance cameras present in the area are still being examined by the investigators, who intend to see clearly. It seems that the 43-year-old and the boys had high-fived each other before the attack started. After being literally beaten to death, Frederick found shelter in a courtyard and collapsed there, in agony. Rescue useless: transported in code red in the Nola hospital he lost his life a few hours after the beating he suffered.

Who are the attackers

The perpetrators of the violence and death of Frederick Akwasi Adofo are two children of only one 16 years. Shortly before the arrest by the carabinieri, one of the minors had uploaded his latest video on his social networks, in which he showed himself with a balaclava and his face hidden by scarves and hats, to the notes of trap music. Furthermore, one of the boys was already known to the police. Some time ago, in fact, he had been investigated for tampering with the video surveillance system of the Municipality of Pomigliano d’Arco.

Neither belongs to families linked to local crime, yet both displayed violent tempers. According to reports so far, however, the two come from difficult backgrounds and rarely attend school. One was born in Naples and is the son of people with a clean record, while the other is the son of a Romanian couple who have integrated for some time. While the investigations continue, the 16-year-olds have been arrested and imprisoned in the Nisida juvenile prison. No confessions from them, indeed.

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The boys’ version

accused of aggravated voluntary homicide from futile motives and cruelty, the two minors did not confess. Speaking with investigators, the boys said they acted after being provoked. They allegedly came to blows after a heated argument. The judge, however, did not believe their words, confirming the precautionary measure. The investigations continue also because it is feared that the two may be part of one baby gang.


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