Politics: CDP demands Facebook’s recovery as soon as possible

This is a statement from the Congress for Democracy and Progress on the shutdown of the social network “Facebook” in Burkina Faso.

The Congress for Democracy and Progress (CDP) notes that since Tuesday January 11, 2022, the people of Burkina Faso have once again noted that the government has abused its prerogatives, by depriving the people of one of their basic rights, that of access to information by restricting the mobile connection of the social network Facebook.

Indeed, without any prior communication or explanation, the people of Burkina Faso can no longer use the mobile connection to access the Facebook social network, to share information on a large scale.

Knowing that the mobile connection allows the greatest number of people to access the Facebook social network connection, the restriction no longer allows the people, especially the poorest, to find out about what is happening in Burkina Faso or what is happening in the world.

Because, almost all the media have Facebook pages, accessible to all, for useful and true information.

Also, this situation of the interruption of the Facebook mobile connection raises questions about the real motivations of the government.

Why this silence ? What are the authorities afraid of? Is it because of the presumption of a coup d’etat as some claim? Is it because of the conclusions of the summit of ECOWAS Heads of State on the situation in Mali, as others maintain, or even the march of certain organizations planned for Saturday, January 22, 2022?

Be that as it may, the people have the right to be informed and to use as they see fit the officially recognized communication channels. Even regimes described as dictatorial or authoritarian have not gone to this extreme across the world.

Amazingly, the Head of State himself communicates through the same social network and we can cite the example of Thursday January 13, 2022 where through a publication, he encouraged the national team which is currently playing the finals. of the African Cup of Nations (CAN 2021) in Cameroon. This message of encouragement targets which audience if the greatest number do not have access to the connection.

This excessive insult to the people is unacceptable. Whatever the reasons, it is possible to note that the Burkinabè have found ways of circumventing to access this social network, which calls into question the relevance of the operation, even if these provisions generate additional costs. for the already hard-hit and bruised user.

The Congress for Democracy and Progress (CDP) denounces with the utmost energy this situation which adds to the difficult period that the people of Burkina Faso are going through.

Consequently, the CDP demands the restoration as soon as possible of the mobile connection of the social network Facebook and the respect of the basic right of Burkinabè people to free access to information.

The CDP reserves the right to take legal action to lead the government to restore the connection of the social network.


The Communication Secretariat

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