police unions demand additional staff for investigation units

In Niort, the police unions denounce the lack of staff in the investigative units. With the consequence of deteriorating working conditions. An inter-union Alliance national police, Alternative national police CFDT and SGP Police FO Unit met the prefect of Deux-Sèvres on the subject this Thursday, April 8.

We arrive at saturation

“The workforce is bloodless, tired, they have 600 cases almost behind in their portfolio. We find ourselves managing the emergency of the day which is driven out by the emergency of the next day”, testifies Pascal Valès, of the union SGP Police FO. “We are 14 on a daily basis, it would take almost double to be able to ensure the minimum”.

“In two years we lost ten people in the investigation”, explains Alexandre Allard, representative of Alternative national police CFDT. “The investigation sector is not the priority of the departmental direction of public security 79. We are reaching saturation point and we have the impression that we are leaving things to drag on as they are”, he regrets.

And Frédérik Kattnig of the Alliance Police Nationale union to add: “There are groups where before they were six, they couldn’t do it now, there are four. Colleagues are starting to leave the investigative sector because they are fed up, others who get sick. At one point it’s okay. crack “.


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