Police search foreign houses slap the big boy to death After almost three hundred thousand of the deceased’s money disappeared. Police Department reveals the night of the accident

Police bring search warrants to search a foreigner’s house slap the big boy to death after claiming to hijack Swipe to answer almost 3 hundred thousand of the missing people. home owner is away Police Department reveals the night of the accident

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From the case that Mr. Sathien (last name reserved), 53 years old, Phen district, Udon Thani province, was Mr. Rudolph Joseph, 63 years old, a Swiss national. Assaulted to death in a house number 213, Village No. 4, Ban Khamin, Kudsa Subdistrict, Mueang District, Udon Thani Province, claiming that the deceased carried a firearm to hijack the property. So he stole the gun and threw it away. Before punching and kicking until Mr. Sathien lost consciousness, then tied his hands and feet. and inform the village headman until found dead While the relatives of Mr. Sathien came out to argue that the deceased was with the wife of the accused foreigner. have known each other for a long time Including the day of the accident, I brought almost 3 hundred thousand with me, but the money disappeared.

Latest progress at 2:00 p.m. on October 8, 64, Pol. Col. Panphet the birth of diamonds The Superintendent of the Udon Thani Provincial Police Station, Pol Lt. Col. Noppadon Wisetsri, Deputy Superintendent of the Nakha Police Station, Udon Thani Province, brought forces with a warrant to search the Udon Thani Provincial Court No. Kor 142/2564. On October 8, the house was inspected and searched. To find evidence to support the case, it was found that the house was closed, Rudolph and his wife Mrs. Lak were not there, so the police invited Mr. Buasen Sriyangkabutr, headman of Non Tum Village, Village No. 4, Kutsa Sub-district, and Phra Lek Sareerup, 65 years old. The son of Wat Tum Kham, Nang Lak’s father, witnessed the raid, which lasted 30 minutes.

After the search, Pol Col Panpetch revealed that the police had asked for a search warrant to search for evidence in the case, but Rudolph and Nang Lak were not found. to be a witness to the search From every search, no evidence has been found linked in the case. which must find many evidences to accompany including CCTV As for the money that the deceased carried and disappeared Ask the supervisor to answer

As for Phra Lek revealed that Mr. Rudolph and Nang Lak were not at home and would go on business in Udon Thani. Today I came out to ask about the news of the story that happened with my wife. which they don’t know because they are different I feel like it’s a bad thing. Today, the police came to ask to search the child’s house, but found nothing. To the relatives of the deceased, they said they were sorry. This was considered a crime against the host. but the dead are already dead. The living continue to fight.

On the other hand, Mr. Buasen Sriyangkabutr, the headman of Ban Non Tum, said that around 11 p.m. on the night of the incident, he was working at home. Was informed that someone had invaded Mrs. Lak’s house with a gun, so she came to check. It was found that the intruder lay still. Hands and feet were tied loosely not to get up and fight But when he checked his pulse, he was found dead. which the homeowner informed that while Mr. Rudolph was sitting on the phone The dogs in the house barked and found Mr. Sathien came in and pointed a gun at him. So he took the gun and fought until the intruder was unconscious. They don’t know when they hurt each other. But after being notified, she came within 30 minutes. As for the relationship of Mrs. Lak and the deceased, she did not know. and had never met the deceased before.


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