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Police remove illegally posted posters | Schwyz BdU

by drbyos

AUSSERSCHWYZ ⋅ Employees of the Schwyz canton police removed posters for the Covid vote outside the village of Reichenburg on Tuesday. This was done for legal reasons.

As reported by blick.ch, voting posters were removed by two members of Kapo Schwyz on Tuesday afternoon. On social media it was wrongly said that the police wanted to influence the referendum campaign with this action.

The posters were on a farm outside Reichenburg. According to the Schwyz police spokesman Florian Grossmann, the erection of election and voting posters is only permitted in urban areas. This rule has been in place for 14 years. Therefore, the posters placed without permission were collected. According to blick.ch, such posters would have to be removed again and again before voting. gh

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