Police read out telephones of those involved in the wolf incident in Wapse. Where is the video showing the biting moment?

Police read out telephones of those involved in the wolf incident in Wapse.  Where is the video showing the biting moment?

The phones of some people involved in the wolf incident in Wapse were seized for a while last week to obtain images. There would be a video showing the biting moment.

Multiple videos are known to have been made of the wolf incident. For that reason, the phones of some people involved were confiscated by the police last week and read.

Nature organizations Faunabeheer, Animal Rights, Bite Back and Fauna4Life have filed charges against mayor Rikus Jager of the municipality of Westerveld, who ordered the wolf to be shot, and the bitten hobby farmer. According to the animal organizations, the wolf was wrongly shot.

The last two parties also target four other parties involved: deputy mayor Henk Doeven van Westerveld, the police shooter, the son of the sheep farmer and former VVD member of parliament Johan Moes from Wapse.

Do images lead to persecution?

The Functional Public Prosecutor’s Office, part of the Public Prosecution Service that fights crime in the fields of the environment, the economy and fraud, is currently investigating whether the four reports can lead to prosecution.

Videos could provide more details about the exact circumstances of the collision between the wolf and the hobby farmer. “It is true that we are busy obtaining images,” confirms spokeswoman Valentine Hoen.

Details about assignment

On Sunday morning, July 9, a wolf gained access to the pasture of a hobby farmer from Wapse and attacked sheep and goats. The farmer and his son tried to chase the wolf away. Later, the farmer was bitten on the hand.

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The Functional Prosecutor’s Office does not want to say which images they obtained. It is therefore not clear whether the Public Prosecution Service has the video that allegedly shows the wolf biting the sheep farmer’s hand. Two days after the incident in Wapse, LTO Noord chairman Dirk Bruins told about the existence of this video in talk show RENZE by host Renze Klamer.

This video has only been seen by a few, including Bruins. According to the LTO man, who is in contact with the family, this video is deliberately not shared with the outside world. “Some people always think something has gone wrong and won’t believe the images or say they’ve been tampered with. Moreover, such images take on a life of their own.”

Read Saturday in Dagblad van het Noorden and on dvhn.nl what happened during the first collision between wolf and human.


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