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Details of a large-scale police raid on the construction site of an LNG plant in the Kingisepp region of the Leningrad Region have become known. The documents of hundreds of migrants were checked, dozens of violations were found. Many do not know the language, so I had to involve a translator. They even found fake crusts of tractor drivers. It got to the point of disobedience.

As reported to 47news in the police headquarters, on November 28, the results of a police raid on compliance with migration legislation, carried out several days earlier at a construction site and a rotational camp near Ust-Luga, were summed up.

In one of the excerpts, one can hear how migrants locked in a cage are asked: “Do you know who hired you? Who is the customer? Maybe there is a senior phone number?” Foreigners look blank. The question is broadcast by the translator. Apparently he also says: “I explained in my own way, without the permission of the FSB, they should not.”

The police have checked over 200 foreign citizens. 82 of them were taken to the police department for violation of the current migration legislation. 33 foreigners were brought to administrative responsibility for violation by a foreign citizen or stateless person of the rules for entering the Russian Federation or the regime of stay. Two – for illegal employment by a foreign citizen in the Russian Federation. Also, two guards were taken to the police department for disobeying a lawful order of a police officer.

Four cases of administrative violations were initiated for the operation of self-propelled vehicles that did not undergo technical inspection. Revealed two certificates of a tractor driver with signs of forgery. The issue of initiating a criminal case is being resolved. In addition, the traffic police have drawn up seven protocols on violation of traffic rules.

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Let us remind you that the event took place after the publication of 47news “Putin said to build a plant, not destroy the Leningrad region.” How Ruskhimalliance moved to Ust-Luga (photo and video). ”In the material, our publication showed endless trains of trucks and regular accidents.

Ruskhimalliance reported that they were aware of the situation and called the inspection planned, carried out by the construction contractor, the Turkish company Renaissance Construction.

The operator of the LNG plant construction is the Ruskhimalliance company, owned by Gazprom and Rusgazdobycha, the main beneficiary of which is called Artyom Obolensky, a former business partner of Arkady Rotenberg. The subsidiary of Rusgazvydobuvannya is the Baltic Chemical Complex (BHK), a gas chemical complex. BHC has attracted a large fish from the Middle Kingdom – Construction Corporation Seven (CC7).

Earlier we showed what a mega-setup looks like from the air. It was also reported that the project for the construction of an LNG plant brought serious problems to the Leningrad region, the life of the locals turned into a nightmare due to the lack of organization of the life of tens of thousands of workers. 47news showed how thousands of trucks scurried along the roads, heading to a construction site, often getting into an accident, and told how the equipment of the plant builders crushed the village of Luzhitsy, where a small people live. … We also told how hectares of forest were cut down. 47news reported that since 2018, the process of transferring thousands of hectares of land in the Ust-Luga settlement has been under way. The process began with a guarantor visa in a letter from the head of Gazprom, Alexei Miller.

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