Police raid on anti-vaxes who allegedly planned violent action in Italy

Police raided anti-vax in Italy

Italian police raided the homes and computers of eight “anti-vaccine” activists on Thursday, who spoke on a social network of potential violent actions to be carried out across Italy during public demonstrations against the health pass.

The group, which communicated via a Telegram messaging under the title “the warriors”, called for mass participation in a demonstration planned for the weekend in Rome, but also urged its members to carry out violent actions in their places of residence, according to the report. police.

Some also expressed the intention to organize a preparatory meeting for the Roman demonstration and to stock up on “bladed weapons” to be used on this occasion, according to a note from the Italian authorities. The investigation, carried out in particular by the anti-terrorist section of the Milan public prosecutor’s office, carried out searches in the provinces of Milan, Rome, Bergamo, Reggio Emilia, Venice and Padua.

Italy has seen numerous protests against sanitary measures in recent weeks. One of the organizers recently called for blocking stations across the country to protest the new rules for train travel. Train travelers must show proof of vaccination or a negative test if they want to travel a long distance. Finally, very few people mobilized for this action.

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