Police Lieutenant Bid Big Bike Ducati The “Dr.” crossed the crosswalk, devastated. Family looking for a car with a camera – fresh news

Police Lieutenant Colonel Bid Big Bike Ducati crashes into a doctor walking on a crosswalk across the road, seriously injured In front of the Institute of Tai Phum Rajanagarindra, Phayathai Road before he died at the hospital. amid family regret Announcement for help to find cars with front-facing cameras

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On January 23, 2022, reporters reported an accident. A young policeman riding a big bike hits a doctor walking across the road, seriously injured. before his death later crosswalk area In front of Taiphum Rajanagarindra Institute, Phayathai Road amid the regret of family and colleagues


by thisfacebook page Sorayut Suthassanachinda, news reporter The post expressing condolences states that on January 21, 2022 at 3:10 p.m., there was an accident of a big bike crashing into a pedestrian crossing the road. crosswalk area In front of the Taiphum Rajanagarindra Institute on Phayathai Road, there were 2 injured. The injured pedestrian, known as Dr. Waralak Supawatchariyakul, was in critical condition, had no pulse, died later.
The injured man was a police officer, a police officer, riding a red big bike ducati.

Family and friends of the deceased female doctor Announced for help to find a car with a front camera, stating the incident “a friend crossing a crosswalk There were other cars stopping to cross, but there was a big bike ducati in red that crashed into my friend and died. So please ask if any car has a record of the incident. I’ll ask for a picture.”


While Asst. Prof. Dr. Smith Srison, Head of Forensic Medicine Laboratory Ramathibodi Hospital Posted a message via FB stating, “My condolences to the family of Nong Rabbit. And my classmate Ramathibodi 42. The sudden death of an acquaintance is very heartbreaking. experienced it myself once When a classmate of Rama died At that time, I felt very sorry. Then I made up my mind by remembering good things. that that friend has done and ready to do good things different to society like that friend used to


part of this event Get another thing that you want to do in the future If you have a chance to get into traffic laws in Thailand I want to push for crosswalks in Thailand It’s really a crosswalk. Make the driver really have to stop to cross. like japan not like this at all that makes the future of good people One must lose.”

Thanks for the pictures and information. facebook page Sorayut Suthassanachinda, news reporter


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