police kill 25-year-old African American

The mayor and the city police have launched a

appeal to calm

in view of the protests already announced.

The police version

– According to the police version, the agents had tried to stop the young man’s car for an unspecified traffic violation and after less than a minute of chase a shot seemed to start from his car. At this point the case became a matter of public safety. After a few minutes, the car slowed down and Walker got out wearing a balaclava and ran off on foot to a parking lot, where a crescendo of gunfire was heard.

The investigations

– A pistol and a full magazine were found in Walker’s car, while a cartridge compatible with the weapon was recovered from the spot where the cops believe the shot heard during the chase was fired. All the agents involved have been suspended pending the outcome of the investigation.

Walker and LeBron James’ family

– The victim’s family and his lawyer are demanding justice, wondering why the police fired all those shots at an unarmed man. In a tweet, Nba star LeBron James, a native of Akron, asked to pray for his city.


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