Police carry child out of apartment in Bremerhaven

After two children from a family in Bremerhaven were taken into care, the police denied rumors about the incident.

Police deny allegations on the Internet

One of the allegations online was that the children were taken into care because the Muslim parents teach the children that the LGBTQ community is not accepted in Islam. “We can deny that, of course that’s not true,” said a police spokesman. The police did not provide any information on when the taking into care took place.

To see in the video: A boy is carried out of an apartment

A video of the joint action by the youth welfare office and the police was published on social media, apparently filmed by a family member. It shows a boy being carried out of an apartment. Meanwhile, he screams and tries to fight back. The family members argue loudly with the police officers, who in turn try to explain that they are carrying out a sentence. According to the police, the video is authentic.

The police supported the youth welfare office in taking him into care

“We are aware that the video in question is emotionally disturbing,” the police said. “Taking children into care is always the last resort and only happens for serious reasons,” it continues. According to the police, they supported the youth welfare office in taking them into care, which had been ordered by the court.

Actual reasons are not given

Neither the police nor the youth welfare office gave any information on the actual reasons for the taking into care, according to their own statements, in order to protect the family and the children.

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