Police accused a man of killing a woman found in a park in the Tábor region

Police said on Thursday that they had completed the investigation phase of the case and determined the legal qualification.

“Men face up to ten years in prison for injury to health resulting in death,” said Miroslav Doubek, a spokesman for the Tábor police.

At the same time, the police strongly ruled out the possibility that this case was in any way related to the violent crime they are investigating in Písek. “The case from the Tábor region is not related to this case,” said Jiří Matzner, a spokesman for the South Bohemian police.

In Písek, police officers have been looking for the driver of the black BMW 120 registration number 6P32567 since Saturday afternoon, who set it on fire in Protivín near the forest. “A hitherto unknown perpetrator set the vehicle on fire in the forest, then he could walk away from it and someone could see or meet him. The vehicle fire was reported shortly after 7 pm, “said Matzner. Police are asking potential witnesses to call 158.

According to information from the daily MF Dnes, the police found the remains of a girl who was to die a violent death in a charred car. People in the area are said to be afraid to go out.

However, the police did not confirm this information. “We can assure the public that people are not in danger,” Matzner added.

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