Pokemon GO Holds Duskull Community Day Event in October-Engadget Japan Version

Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO’s monthly event “Community Day”, in October, a large number of ghost-type “Requiem Pokemon” Duskulls will occur.

Pokemon GO “Duskull” Community Day Event Overview (October 2021)

Date and time


  • A large number of duskulls occur.The appearance rate of different colors is improved than usual

  • Yonoir, who evolved from the start to 19:00, mastered the limited purpose “shadow ball”

  • A total of 4 Sinnoh’s chairs and other rewards in a limited time challenge

  • 120 yen paid special research “Understand Requiem Pokemon!”

  • Free distribution of 30 hyperballs at the shop

  • Surprise with GO snapshots

  • A community daybox that includes one amazing machine special and others is sold for 1280 Pokecoins

  • Three times as much sand as when capturing Pokemon

  • Oko lasts for 3 hours

  • Lure lasts 3 hours

Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO

Duskull is a ghost-type “Requiem Pokemon” found in the Hoenn region. 25 candies will evolve into “Temaneki Pokemon” Dusclops, and 100 candies and Sinnoh will evolve into “Tezukami Pokemon” Dusknoir.

The ban on different colors has been lifted. However, during Community Day, the appearance rate of different colors will greatly increase, so if you haven’t prepared yet, it’s an opportunity to collect.

As for Dusknoir, his ability score is high, his HP is low, his attack power is mediocre, and he is not blessed with intentions, so even if he gets a shadow ball limited to Community Day, his practicality in battle is Jim. Both raids and interpersonal battles are not expensive.

Since it is upward compatible as a ghost single type attacker, the priority of capture and training is low if the purpose is to enhance the strength of the battle.

Since it’s October of Halloween, it’s a ghost type, and priority is given to two-stage evolution for community day, and the popular Pokemon that is the centerpiece of the poke is still ahead … I can imagine a Poke selection.

However, as an event, there is a “three times as much sand as when capturing Pokemon”, so if you haven’t secured it yet, it is meaningful to fully participate in earning money while also collecting different colors.

On “Community Day” in October, a large number of “Yomawar” of Requiem Pokemon will occur! –Pokémon GO

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