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When we wrote on Thursday that the Czech branch of Sony announced localization in the form of captions for Horizon Forbidden West, it was entirely positive news. At that time, pre-orders also started and the Japanese giant presented individual digital and physical editions, including collector’s and their content. We also dealt with that. Our text then ended with a quantification of how much players will specifically pay for each digital version. Just a reminder, the PS4 version costs 1849 crowns on the PS Store. For the basic PS5 edition you will pay 2119 crowns. Finally, the digital deluxe edition offering the version for PS4 and PS5 and other bonuses will cost you 2379 crowns. And that’s the stumbling block. Players get there soon realizedthat Sony does not offer any option to upgrade the PS4 version to PS5, let alone be free, as originally promised by the company’s representative.

But in the next few hours, the pressure on the PlayStation intensified. What exactly is it about? Sony has confirmed that the standard edition of the game will not be upgradable from PS4 to PS5. Only owners of the digital deluxe edition and more expensive physical versions are eligible for this – collectors for $ 200 and Regalla Edition for $ 260. Standard and special editions are not affected by the dual version. What more. Some players initially thought that the PlayStation had not yet announced the possibility of an additional upgrade, as it was not needed yet, but was planned. However, information has come that Sony does not plan anything like that. Unless he changes his mind.

“We will have a way to upgrade users to PS4 to get the free PS5 version.”

And the community could push her to do that. And this time it’s not just a spoiled scream of a few fans. The current statement contradicts an earlier promise about cross-gen plans. Sony has explicitly mentioned that not only will the game be upgraded, but that it will be free. And that’s enough for you. Specifically, last September, Jim Ryan said in an interview with the paper The Washington Post explicitly: “We will have a way to upgrade for PS4 users to get the free PS5 version.” If he hadn’t mentioned free of charge, he might have interpreted the statement as one of the more expensive editions, but that argument doesn’t stand up now.

As a reminder, Jim Ryan came to the fore when he defended his decision to release new games on an older console, saying that no one should be disappointed. He said the PS5 version would use the potential of the new console and people would just have a choice, which is fine. Sony promised the same in a post on the PlayStation Blog. In mid-September, Jim Ryan again announced that Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Sackboy A Big Adventure and Horizon Forbidden West will also be released on PS4, and these versions will include a free upgrade.

The next-gen free versions were offered by Sackboy: A Big Adventure and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

Of course, you can play the standard PS4 version on the PS5, but you won’t get its specific benefits. If you already have a new console at home, it may not bother you. However, the ability to upgrade is important for many during the intergenerational transition, also because the PS5 is still a scarce commodity and there are players who have not yet moved to the next-gen. Although they plan to do it over time.

Upgrading to the next-gen for free is nothing new. In addition to other companies, Sony has experience with it. This is the case with the cross-gen version of Sackboy: A Big Adventure and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales. These were both launch titles. On the other hand, you need to pay extra for improved versions of Ghost of Tsuhima or Death Stranding, but they also come with extra content, which is not the case with Horizon Forbidden West. After all, both games also offer the option of an additional paid upgrade. Horizon Forbidden West doesn’t offer that either.

No wonder players are angry that the game doesn’t offer something they’ve been promised, that of course they’ll have and it’s free.

In view of all the above, I think Sony will have to reconsider its decision. At a minimum, it should offer customers an additional paid upgrade option. Maybe for $ 10. But even so, it will be possible to view the earlier promise as unfulfilled, or at least ill-considered. No wonder players are angry that the game doesn’t offer something they’ve been promised, that of course they’ll have and it’s free.

While, of course, it’s true that generally paid next-gen upgrades and expensive next-gen versions aren’t new to other companies like EA or Activision. In this sense, the Smart Delivery program from Microsoft provides a greater guarantee, as it applies at least to all first party games from Microsoft and selected other games. Upgrading costs nothing, all versions have the same price and you just play the best available.

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