Play along and win a cruise

Media service from: 09.09.2021

The recently published edition of the city magazine Lebendiges Linz comes up with a wealth of great prizes. So read it straight away, play along and hope for a bit of luck. Readers can expect two attractive mini cruises on the Danube. Lively Linz and Danube tourism invite you to a three-day boat trip with a great program. In addition, hiking books “Hiking around Linz”, written by Sabine Neuweg and Alois Peham, are being raffled off. It pays to strain your luck and play along.

In addition, the September issue, hot off the press, provides information on the “Pact for Linz”, which will help the city emerge stronger from the crisis. Other interesting topics deal with the completion of the new railway bridge and thus the start of the state capital in a new mobility future, the tree-planting offensive on Kroatengasse and the elections on September 26th of this year. A report also takes you to the investigative work of Soko Linz, the current crime series that is currently being shot in Linz.

The September edition is also available online at

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