Plane with a hundred evacuated foreigners from K…

About 100 foreigners, including US, German and Dutch citizens, arrived in Qatar from Kabul on Thursday in the first evacuation flight since US troops left Afghanistan in late August.

The plane had 113 people on board, mostly Afghans with dual nationality, such as American, Ukrainian, Canadian or German. Thirteen British and thirteen Dutchmen also flew along.

On images from the channel Al Jazeera women and children were seen waiting at Kabul airport earlier today. A Qatar Airways Boeing 777 was waiting for them. The plane had arrived earlier Thursday with relief supplies.

Qatar has good ties with the Taliban and played a prominent role in the reopening of the airport. They have also helped the Taliban with necessary repairs at the airport. “There are still some technical issues that we cannot fix, but all the equipment works,” assured engineer Mohamed Naeemi. CNN. However, the reopening of the airport will take place gradually, but the next flight is already planned for Friday.

Again passengers at Kabul airport.

Photo: AFP

The Taliban have promised the Americans that they will release Afghans who want to leave the country. That said US Secretary of State Antony Blinken during a visit to Qatar. But in recent days, doubts had arisen about that promise. There are still chartered planes waiting in Kabul and Mazer-e-Sharif, which can carry 600 passengers. After a days-long deadlock over the departure of those planes, 200 civilians have already been able to leave.

The United States has evacuated a total of some 123,000 people, mostly Afghans. Officials recognize that many others still need to be removed.


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