“Pillar of Diversity” stops in Wolfsburg

Mayor Klaus Mohrs and City Councilor Iris Both received the “Pillar of Diversity” in the pedestrian zone on Saturday, a mailbox for political wishes and suggestions on the subject of equality and anti-discrimination. The column is on loan from the LSVD (Gay and Lesbian Association) and will be available for 14 days on your tour through northern Germany until September 18 at the entrance to the pedestrian zone – in writing by post or digitally using a QR code.

In his welcoming speech as sponsor of the “Pillar of Diversity”, Klaus Mohrs highlighted the aspect of diversity as something that the city of Wolfsburg is already distinguishing: “Diversity has many facets: Many people think of different nationalities first, but also the issue of equality Gays, lesbians, trans and intersex people are an important aspect of this. ”And put it in a nutshell:“ We politicians, who are responsible for the city, often know far too little about the concerns of the citizens. It is therefore important that you tell us your problems and needs, but also your hopes. “

Accordingly, the column was placed prominently and is intended to serve as a mailbox and offer the opportunity to express yourself anonymously. The letterbox advertising pillar has been touring northern Germany since May – starting in Hanover via Göttingen, Lüneburg and other cities to Braunschweig as the last stop in October. Finally, the collected suggestions are then handed over to the Lower Saxony state government.

Homosexuals are calling for changes to the adoption law, among other things

On the part of the city, the action is also supported by the Equal Opportunities Department, Aids Aid, the city youth welfare and also the Wolfsburg / Helmstedt police station. When asked by the WAZ about specific discrimination problems and political demands of the LGBTIQ * movement (lesbian-gay-bisexual-transgender-intersexual and queer), Dr. Nicole Meckoni from the LSVD Lower Saxony-Bremen: “In addition to an amendment to Article 3 of the Basic Law by adding the term“ sexual identity ”, there is also increasing demand for an amendment to the Adoption Act. Children from gay marriages are definitely intended children, simply because of the necessary planning and organization – but the married parents still have to adopt the child, even though it was the result of a marriage. “

When asked whether the complicated letter abbreviation was rather counterproductive for acceptance, she responded with humor: “Actually,“ LGBTIQ * is no longer relevant, it would have to be supplemented by “A +”. ‘A-Gender’ stands for people who do not want to be defined in binary terms as men or women. But we don’t want to take the letter salad to extremes. “

From Simone Willmann


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