Pieter Jan Mattan’s New York home and why plants should be in groups

Go viral or go home – die Instagram-Stilkolumne

Instagram, first act: the description of the picture

Again and again this living room by Pieter Jan Mattan: We see narrow floorboards, on which a light brown carpet with a black pattern from Beni Rugs from Morocco. Morosos is standing under the window „Nebula Nine“-Sofathat always looks a bit unmade. You can find it nonchalant or just super smart. Just like linen blouses, which you never get really neatly ironed, so at some point you leave them and simply sold as understatement, even if I believe that this look only works if you come from Denmark. After all, it is Pieter Jan Mattan Belgians, maybe that counts too. The creative director’s apartment is really cozy, and I don’t mean it ironically, a year at home made me a comfortable person, I would give anything to sit in the wing chair like Thomas Bernhard’s narrator in “Holzfalls” (also Moroso, designed by Alfredo Häberli) and give a lecture about how much it annoys me on Instagram that everyone is always taking photos of their apartments from the same angle, every day, because the Instagram algorithm loves that, and it isn’t more of what it used to be, and anyway, did you know that Instagram is now a video platform? In the future, we will have to endure all of this in moving images, and nobody should really be forced to produce reels.

Sitting in the wing chair, I would curse Instagram, grumbling quietly, until I remembered how beautiful Pieter Jan Mattan’s view of the neighborhood in Tribeca is. How much light comes in through the large windows. That I am still far from Isamu Noguchi’s “Akari” light had seen enough, even would have liked to have one myself (more precisely, these, from Vitra!) and that Pieter Jan Mattan really lives authentically. And the high ceilings! I think it’s really good that he “Reykjavik”Daybed from Skagerag uses it as a coffee table. Should we ever celebrate extravagant parties again in this life, one would only have to carefully remove the Gaetano Pesce vase and then simply lie down.

Pieter Jan Mattan’s living room on Instagram

Can be easily copied:

I first discovered the photo on Instagram when I was raising my first Monstera at the same time. Unfortunately, I don’t live in New York, and this year the sunlight in Berlin shone above all with absence. Nevertheless, I copied that with the grouping of the plants. The monstera stands next to the ficus and hides how bad the fig is. After all, the jungle, which isn’t nearly as impressive as Mattan’s, helps me forget that I’m not looking at a brick building in Tribeca, but at a white wall. I don’t have a wing chair, but the more I see this picture (and thanks to Instagram it happens to me very often), I might want one too. Moroso’s armchair has the sonorous name “Take a Line For a Walk”, but I would also go along with it Satisfied Cassina’s “LC1” by Le Corbusier. Technically speaking, this is not a wing chair, but it exudes New York flair.

Who is living there?

Pieter Jan Mattan, Creative Director of Studio Mattan. His apartment is in Tribeca, New York.

Would we like to see more of that?

The rest of the apartment! The walls are spectacularly high.

Most frequently asked question in the comments?

“Where is the carpet from?” Rugs Me. They are handmade in Morocco, to the online shop (it is delivered to Germany!) is it here.

This look works …

In narrow rooms with lots of light. The wide Moroso sofa (for example here at Made in Design available) makes the room cozy, the many books, objects and plants would help some empty old Berlin apartments to be more alive. And what about the Beni Rugs carpet? We also asked.

First seen on the Instagram account of: In Beljan


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