Photos from the country where people experienced the least joy and the most sadness. Again

Afghanistan has been ranked lowest in the index of positive feelings continuously since 2017. Last year, only about a fifth of the population of the country, which saw a dramatic change in conditions and the return of the Taliban militant movement to power, said that they had experienced joy or laughed during the past day. On the contrary, 80 percent of Afghans felt fear and 74 percent felt stress.

They experience the most positive emotions according to survey residents in the countries of Central and South America.

“Countries in Latin America typically top the list of countries where adults experience a lot of positive emotions every day,” the study’s authors said.

Six of the ten countries with the highest score for positive feelings are from Central and South America. Denmark has the best result in Europe. According to the ranking of negative emotions, the countries of the former Soviet Union are in the best position, namely Estonia, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia and Russia. This means that in these countries people feel the least amount of worry, sadness or stress.

The data refer to 2021, i.e. to the time before the outbreak of the war in Ukraine.

Gallup conducted its survey in roughly 120 countries.


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