PHOTO Dance with the stars: the nice surprise reserved for Bilal Hassani by the teams of the show

Bilal Hassani has everything to go a long way in Dance with the stars. The singer has also received a nice surprise from the teams of the show. He shared a video on Instagram to show it to his fans.

He’s a bit of the super-star of the program. Singer Bilal Hassani has never stopped talking about him since his first participation in Dance with the stars. And for good reason, he is the first man to share the stage with a dancer of the same sex. A historic decision for the TF1 program : “I asked if it was possible to dance with a partner and not one. Apparently, I would like to wear my pretty dresses and my wigs throughout the adventure. And I could hardly see myself carrying my partner. I just asked them and they accepted straight away. We didn’t really ask ourselves any questions “, reported the singer to TV-Leisure. And this is not the only first time: indeed, Bilal Hassani was the first star to have won four buzzers from the jurors! For viewers, the singer is one of the big favorites of the competition!

“Look what they put on”

For the artist everything is rolling like clockwork. But Bilal Hassani still took precautions before participating. Indeed, he warned his darling, Cassem Jebrouini about his reconciliations with his partner: “I briefed my boyfriend a little earlier. I told him : ‘Do not worry ! Everything will be alright. It’s just dancing. ‘ You have to let go, it’s performance. It is true that we have to trust each other “. The singer is therefore in very good conditions to continue his adventure..

And this Thursday, October 7, the dancer had the chance to have a nice surprise in the halls of the show. In Instagram story, Bilal Hassani shared a video in which he showed off a large photo of his duo, posted in the hallways. A real pride for the artist: “Look what they put on. Oh my God!”. A great source of motivation for the young man.


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