Pharmacies are issuing digital vaccination certificates again – security gap fixed

Pharmacies are gradually issuing digital vaccination certificates again for people who have been vaccinated against Covid-19. This was announced by the Federal Association of German Pharmacists’ Associations (ABDA) on Thursday.

The issuing of the certificates was interrupted for a week because there was an indication of a security vulnerability. As the German Pharmacists Association (DAV) announced last week, it was “Handelsblatt” noticed during research [ | Bezahl-Inhalt], that with forged documents a guest access for a non-existent pharmacy on the portal could be generated. This would mean that vaccination certificates could be issued to unauthorized third parties.

In the meantime, a solution for the security gap has been found with the Federal Ministry of Health, the IT company IBM and the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), according to the ABDA.

The nationwide consumer portal shows which pharmacies are now offering digital vaccination certificates again at. Anyone who has been fully vaccinated against Corona can come to the pharmacy with their yellow vaccination card or with a certificate from the vaccination doctor. It is important to bring a passport or ID card with you for inspection. The pharmacy can then create a digital vaccination certificate that customers can show later – for example when traveling – in the form of a QR code on their smartphone using an app.

If you don’t have a smartphone or don’t want to use it for proof of vaccination, you can print out the certificate with the QR code. Proof of vaccination status is still possible by means of a yellow vaccination booklet or a medical certificate.

In addition, vaccination centers also issue the digital vaccination certificate, but only for people who have received both vaccinations in one vaccination center. Since July 8th, the digital Corona vaccination certificate has also been available for those who have recovered who have also received a vaccination.

Broadcast: Inforadio, Nachrichten, July 28, 2019, 5 p.m.


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