Peugeot shows new i-Cockpit | The World of Technology

Peugeot shows new i-Cockpit |  The World of Technology

When Peugeot launched the i-Cockpit driver environment a little over a decade ago, in 2012 to be more precise, it quickly became the talk of the town. What may have been perceived as visually attractive did not work in practical terms for everyone. For some, the steering wheel rim obscures the instrumentation, which forces the driver to lower the steering wheel so low that it almost ends up in the lap. Adjusting the steering wheel in height to a level that some want is not even possible.
For some, the i-Cockpit works excellently. The solution, which Peugeot calls both unique (we agree) and sporty (we disagree), is simply a watershed.

A not entirely unusual sight for Peugeot drivers. Photo: Jan-Erik Berggren / Expressen Lifestyle

It remains to be seen if the new generation i-Cockpit, which Peugeot is now showing for the first time, will be the same talking point. Judging from the pictures, the steering wheel rim can probably cover the new, large screen, which in this case belongs to the new e-3008, which premieres this autumn.
The placement of the 21-inch screen, which also includes the infotainment system’s graphical interface, is said to create a floating sensation.
The steering wheel is new and described as compact, as are the customizable buttons and controls called i-Toggles in Peugeot parlance.
Peugeot writes that the car’s head up display has been integrated into the screen, exactly what is meant remains to be seen.

As for the steering wheel, the middle part (where the “horn” is usually located) has been made smaller than on previous i-Cockpit steering wheels. Peugeot believes that it gives the same floating feeling as that of the screen. The steering wheel buttons are touch-sensitive and equipped with tactile click technology and thus do not offer a linear pressure resistance.

We will see the new i-Cockpit for real for the first time in September when the new Peugeot 3008 has its world premiere.


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