Peter Maffay: shock for the rocker! THIS step is inevitable

Peter Maffay: Shock for the rocker – THIS step is inevitable

08/25/2021 at 6:28 am

Peter Maffay has to postpone his tour again.

Peter Maffay has to postpone his tour again.


Peter Maffay seems haunted by bad luck. At least when it comes to his concerts. The rock star was already on the big “now” tour in 2020 when the first sad news hit him. Two of his band members were suddenly incapacitated by an accident or illness. The tour had to be canceled prematurely.

Before we could go any further, however, the coronavirus hit the world and Peter Maffay had to put his tour on hold again. Now there should finally have been new concerts in autumn 2021. But that won’t work either, how Peter Maffay had to tell his fans on Tuesday.

Peter Maffay: Sad news

Unfortunately, the 18 catch-up concerts have to be postponed again, according to Maffay. The reason is that they want to play with different Corona regulations in ten different federal states, which, however, could all change again very quickly. The situation is too uncertain.


Peter Maffay: The dates of the catch-up concerts

  • 20.02.22 – Regensburg
  • 21.02.22 – Magdeburg
  • 22.02.22 – Schwerin
  • 25.02.22 – Frankfurt
  • 26.02.22 – Zürich
  • 27.02.22 – Stuttgart
  • 02/28/22 – New Ulm
  • 02.03.22 – Bremen
  • 03.03.22 – Cologne
  • 05.03.22 – Halle (Westphalia)
  • 06.03.22 – Dortmund
  • 08.03.22 – Mannheim
  • 09.03.22 – Leipzig
  • 03/10/22 – Munich
  • 14.03.22 – Nürnberg
  • 15.03.22 – Erfurt
  • 17.03.22 – Oberhausen
  • 21.03.22 – Hannover
  • 22.03.22 – Braunschweig


Peter Maffay: “It is not possible for us to plan a tour of this size with certainty and to carry it out consistently. It is with a heavy heart that we have to postpone our tour of the hall one more time, to February and March 2022. “


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But then Peter Maffay wants to be back on stage with a slightly different concept. “With new songs in the bag, the ’22 tour will be dominated by ‘So Weit’ – exactly two years after the engine was stopped,” said the singer. Tickets are still available, by the way. For example at Eventim.


This is Peter Maffay:

  • Peter Maffay was born on August 30, 1949 in Brasov, Romania
  • His real name is Peter Alexander Makkay
  • Peter Maffay invented the Tabaluga character


Then the fans will finally have their Peter back. Incidentally, he published another message to his fans on Tuesday evening. And a very special one at that. Peter Maffay shared a picture on Instagram that shows him on a bicycle in the middle of a cornfield. The singer writes moving lines. “Dear friends, yesterday exactly 58 years ago my parents and I landed on German soil. From a dictatorship to a democracy. What a trip! “So far”! That was the beginning of the story between us, the rock ‘n’ roll magic. ”

Peter Maffay: Boos in Oberhausen

Peter Maffay played in Oberhausen three years ago. Suddenly, however, whistles came from the audience. What happened?


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