Peruvian Congress rejects admission of vacancy motion against President Castillo with 76 votes | News

The Plenary of the Congress of Peru rejected on Tuesday the admission of the vacancy motion against President Pedro Castillo, presented by the bench of right-wing parties on November 25.


Pdte. from Peru denounces media campaign to remove him from power

Through its account on the social network Twitter, Congress detailed that the measure had 76 votes against, 46 in favor and four abstentions.

Motion 1222 proposed to declare the permanent moral incapacity of President Castillo and was presented by the Avanza País, Fuerza Popular and Renovación Popular parties, which represent a third of Parliament.

In the session, the Minister of Education, Carlos Gallardo Gómez, was also questioned, who responded to a list of ten questions about the alleged irregularities that occurred in his sector in the application of the 2021 Single National Test of Teacher Assessment.

Representatives of the parties Peru Libre, Together for Peru and New Peru, and from the center, Podemos Peru, Somos Peru and Partido Morado had expressed that they would reject the request.

For the vacancy motion to be admitted, 52 votes of the 130 legislators were necessary, a lower number than the three driving forces of the request add up.

This is the fifth presidential impeachment motion presented by the Peruvian Parliament in four years, under the figure of “permanent moral incapacity”, contemplated in the Constitution for cases of mental incapacity of the head of state and now interpreted as a lack of ethics.

As a consequence, Peru has experienced, since the 2016 elections, a political crisis in which it has had five leaders in the last four years, as well as three different parliaments.

March in favor of Pedro Castillo

In the midst of the parliamentary debate, the Front for Democracy and Governance called a march against the vacancy of President Castillo.

The Magisterial and Popular Party denounced that the legislators of the right have promoted the motion of vacancy to not let the president govern and remove him from the Presidency.

According to the representative of the Popular and Magisterial Party, Mary Coila, since her organization they have seen an obstructionist and coup-based Congress, ensuring that the people are tired and, for this reason, the Congress has more than 70 percent of rejection.

The Peruvian president announced last week that he would meet with the leaders of the parties present in Parliament, however, the right-wing Keiko Fujimori and other representatives linked to the right refused to speak with him.


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