People’s Power Election Commission “Yoon Seok-yeol, claiming that he was ahead by 4 percentage points is a fake… There is no leakage of election results”

picture explanationChung Hong-won, chairman of the People’s Power Election Commission, announces the results of the second preliminary round (cut-off) at the National Assembly on the morning of the 8th to select four candidates from eight. Candidates Hee-Ryong Won, Seung-Min Yoo, Seok-Yeol Yoon, and Jun-Pyo Hong (in alphabetical order above) entered the contest.[사진 = 한주형 기자]

The People’s Power Election Commission said, “First of all, the 4% is wrong. I wonder who made it, but it’s a fake” drew

During a press conference at the National Assembly on the morning of the 9th, Secretary-General Han Ki-ho of the People’s Power said, “The speculative announcement of the results of public opinion polls and rankings is clearly a violation of the Public Official Election Act.” may have an adverse effect on a fair election,” he said.

Previously, former President Yoon’s foreign affairs advisor, Kim Kyung-jin, appeared on JTBC’s ‘Ssuljeon Live’ the day before and said, “Candidate Yoon outranked Candidate Hong by 4 percentage points. I think I was ahead of it,” he said, causing controversy.

Secretary-General Han said, “Practitioners working during the counting process and members of the Party Election Commission, who supervised and supervised, maintain strict security. I have confirmed that there is.”

Secretary-General Han also warned about the allegation of voter turnout manipulation raised by former CEO Hwang Kyo-ahn, who was eliminated from the second round, saying, “If the facts are revealed and false information is spread, you must take due responsibility for it.”

Meanwhile, Chung Hong-won, chairman of the Election Commission, announced the cutoff results the day before, saying, “More than four candidates, Won Hee-ryong, Yoo Seung-min, Yoon Seok-yeol, and Hong Jun-pyo (in alphabetical order) have advanced to the main competition.”

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