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People Trusted Zodiac Predictions Make Scientists Surprise

by drbyos


Astrology and horoscope or Zodiac continues to be popular, even trusted by some people. This surprised scientists at Lund University, Sweden. Why is that?

“Astrology continues to increase in popularity despite the lack of scientific support,” wrote the researchers led by Petri Kajonius, a psychology expert at the university.

“It is not clear why this ancient practice of studying the position and movement of extraterrestrial objects, in the belief that it affects human nature, is reviving,” they added.

Dr Kajonius and his team wanted to find out if belief in astrology was connected to certain personalities. They recruited 264 volunteers through social media and asked them to answer several questions.

The first stage of the question explores how much confidence each participant has in Zodiac and whether they understand that it lacks scientific support. Then the next question is to determine the level of intelligence and narcissistic level of the respondents.

“The main results show that the more narcissistic a person is, surprisingly, the higher their belief in astrology,” they concluded.

In addition, the team also mentions ‘the higher the level of intelligence, the lower the belief in astrology’. Or in other words, those who believe in zodiac signs tend to be lower in intelligence, although this matter still needs further research.

Further studies are still needed as to why the narcissistic personality is related to this belief in astrology. But perhaps because they are more ignorant of facts and the positive side of astrology makes them interested.

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“Narcissism correlates with the belief that astrology is backed by science, leading to speculation that they are generally more resistant to facts,” the research team was quoted as saying. detikINET from the Daily Mail.

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