Pentatonix – The Sound of Silence (Official Video) DB reaction

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  1. Great energetic reaction. Matt is the newish bass (with the white jacket). He has been their bass for the past 5 years and continues. Kevin, the beat boxer, is the humblest performer I know, but amazingly talented musically and very intelligent. At 7:35 I liked how you appreciated their parts. Not many reactors have mentioned that. I love it, too. I just subbed.

  2. Of the dozens and dozens of reactors I've watched react to this video, you're the first one to comment on the part where they sing "words, words, words" in such beautiful progression. When I watch other reactors, I wait for their reaction to that part, and nothing! You made me happy, and earned a 'subscribe' from me. Thank you!

  3. PTX is by far the most successful acapella group: won “The Sing Off”, won THREE GRAMMYS, will get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and have sung with several stars and in many prestigious places.

    Scott is the tall blonde who first sang (he is basically WHY there is a Pentatonix). Scott sings bass whenever the base has a solo.
    Mitch sang 2nd and is amazing.
    Kirstin is the female and is also amazing. Those three have known each since they were kids.

    Right before the competition show, “The Sing Off” they added Kevin as tenor, cello player at times and mostly beatboxer. And they added Avi as the bass.

    After Avi led, he was replaced by Matt (the other Black man that you hadn’t seen before.). That is the only change this group has ever had.

  4. Pentatonix Songs:
    (React to EVERYTHING on their channel . . it’s an entire rabbit hole of material past and present. They were amazing when they started and have only gotten better as they have worked more. ..

    2021: “Christmas Under the Stars” to see their work LIVE
    Evergreen Tour 2021 – Anything LIVE from their tour is also great to listen to for “real LIVE” performances. . . .they never disappoint.

    90’s Dance Medley
    ALL Christmas is Awesome (fun ones: Mr. Grinch, All My Favorite Things, 12 Days Xmas)
    Say Something
    Sing! (Original)
    Be My Eyes (Original)
    Mad World
    Happy Now (Original)
    The Prayer
    Can’t Hold Us
    Amazing Grace
    Mary Did You Know?
    Are You That Somebody….
    Come Along (It’s a FUN one, too!)
    Coffee In Bed (Original)
    Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody
    Little Drummer Boy
    Sound of Silence

    Original Bass: Avi Kaplan (People say he looks like Jesus) – Left the group for family reasons. Matt Salle replaced him.

    When Matt has a verse, Scott (blonde) will step in on Bass. He (& Matt) have an insane range!

    Mitch: He’s a chameleon in both clothes and hair with an amazing voice and crazy range.

    Kirstin: Only Female, amazing voice and strength

    Kevin: Beatboxer & Singer – He’s amazing

    ** EVERYTHING they do sounds the same LIVE. Their philosophy is that if they can’t perform it live and sound the same, they won’t cover or make the song.

    Scott, Mitch, Kirsten are all from Arlington, TX (DFW Area) and went to school together

  5. The Pentaholics will find you… and you'll have suggestions galore…
    A few of my fav covers are, aside from Hallaluah and ☝️ are…
    Bohemian Rhapsody
    … Mr Grinch
    I think the next one is an original
    Over the River
    I'll be watching (don't say much), and I will say your reaction had me smiling from start to finish… I love seeing the joy when finding a love you didn't know you were missing 😉

  6. that's Matt. Kevin does the beat boxing- Matt is the bass- and they both have incredible voices. then there's Scott- barritone. incredible pop vocals, Kristie is the woman- she's incredible. and then there's mitch. Mitch. what is there to say about Mitch. he's an incredible vocalist with an out-of-this world range….. Keep going down this rabbit hole-
    I'm seeing them live for the second time this december and I can NOT FREAKING WAIT! they are better live. trust!! :).

  7. What a wonderful reaction. There is just SO MUCH amazing music from this group. Guaranteed, I will be here for each step down this amazing rabbit hole.
    Thank you.
    Hope and joy to you and your family and don't forget to pass it on. =^;^=

  8. They formed their group for the tv show the Sing Off. Matt, Kirsten and Kevin had been friends for awhile an did have vocal coaching from school. They needed 5 in order to compete. Thus came Pentatonix. Their playlist is deep so dive on in.

  9. The tall blonde who started, Scott, is a baritone so he takes the bass line when the bass, whether it be Avi in videos 2011-17 or Matt 2017- currently, sings, yet he is the most soulful when we hear him in that baritone range & he can get high in his falsetto. For me, he is the anchor of PTX. Avi was a basso profundo, while his replacement Matt is actually a Baritone whome has bass range so when we get to hear him soar it is so full & rich. And the man is joy in human form he never stops smiling, even while humming lol! Kevin the beatboxer/cellist also joins in as a tenor when they do 5 part harmonies & homophonic songs. His talents are endless. Part of what makes them so amazing is how they can all shift in & out of parts when needed. And as someone else has commented, Matt was who sang in this one. Kevin sings prominently on my favorite, Imagine, & in a good one for Christmas reactions, Mary Did You Know? Kirstie is a mezzo soprano so she can sing into the rafters but also has a warm husky richness to her developed lower register. Mitch being a counter tenor can also reach into the heavens, i.e. the Mitch Slap. But if you wanna hear a crazy part of his range listen to their audio of Take On Me. He goes into low baritone range & swoops all the waaayyy uuuppppp just in the hook lol. I will always call them my alien unicorns.

  10. Matt is the current bass. Avi, the person you are accustomed to ( the guy with the long hair,) left in late 2016. That was the only change. This cover is one of their more recent.

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