Pedemontana: the impact on Lesmo and Colli Briantei in a video

Pedemontana: the impact on Lesmo and Colli Briantei in a video

In these days the No Pedemontana Committee of Lesmo, Camparada and Arcore has spread a video in which he briefly explains the repercussions that the nascent motorway could have on the territory. The invitation is to forward it as much as possible.

Pedemontana: the No Pedemontana Committee walked with the Lesmo Group

The group of citizens joined a walk in the countryside organized by the Cammino di Lesmo Group which from the Briantei Hills crossed fields and woods in the area.

We are aware that these are the last green spaces preserved for hundreds and hundreds of years and Pedemontana which is considered ecologically sustainable is an asphalt snake that will devastate these areas with 8 lanes 15 meters away from the houses in via Ungaretti”, the Committee said.

Pedemontana: concern for the nursery school in via Caduti per la Patria, “every meter taken will be lost forever”

The same association is also concerned about the children of the via Caduti per La Patria nursery school who would be 120 meters away from Section C: “We strongly support the position of the Municipality and we trust that the administration will do everything to protect the territory. Every meter of land taken by the highway will be lost forever”.

Pedemontana: the video that is bouncing in chats and on social networks

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