PDPI Reveals Indonesian TB Cases One of the Highest in the World

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

Indonesian Lung Doctors Association (PDPI) stated that Indonesia is one of the countries with burdens TBC highest in the world with an estimated number of people who fell ill due to tuberculosis reached 845 thousand. The death rate due to tuberculosis is estimated at 98,000 or the equivalent of 11 deaths per hour.

“Turbeculosis or TB is a disease that is still a challenge, based on data from PDPI, the latest data in 2020 shows that most cases (67 percent) occur in productive ages (15-54), and 9 percent of children aged less than 15 years are exposed to TB,” write PDPI through the written statement received CNNIndonesia.com, Saturday (4/9).

According to PDPI, challenges related to controlling and eradicating lung health problems and respiratory medicine are still a major problem in Indonesia, this is due to air pollution, high cigarette consumption, and uncontrolled disease transmission.

This condition is added to the incident re-emerging disease a threat like COVID-19.

PDPI as an organization consisting of doctors in the fields of Pulmonology and Respiratory Medicine is committed to dealing with problems in the field of respiration including in the context of TB control by playing an active role in promotive, preventive and handling TB cases in accordance with standard treatment.

TB has always been one of the topics discussed in every scientific event, including in the 16th PDPI KONAS series by displaying the latest data, handling/guideline and strategies to support TB elimination by 2030.

Professionally, PDPI will carry out four reinforcements to welcome PP No 67 of 2021 concerning Tuberculosis Management.

First, prepare and implement a catch-up plan through Mapping areas that are reported to have decreased in cases during the covid-19 pandemic, intensive case finding through active case finding in vulnerable areas and populations, and provide nutrition for TB patients and their families.

Second, increase the use of digital technology, namely: tele consultations to improve access to health services and virtual services for TB patients, monitoring and management.

Third, strengthening community-lead consisting of community capacity building and community networks.

Fourth, make use of latest advances and research for the benefit of patients with molecular diagnostics and DST, using shorter all oral regimen for TPT as for TB-MDR and accelerated OR on the BPaL regimen.


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