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Paula’s topic today: What is it like to visit a city where something terrible has happened?

Hello, dear children,

yesterday I was sitting in the home office with my reporter friend Andreas. I said to him: “Hmm, what should we do tomorrow on my, uh, on our children’s side? Do you have any idea?”

Andreas thought for a moment. Then he said something funny. It sounded kind of like “Nainielewen”. I looked at him with my big, round little duck eyes – and he immediately noticed: I didn’t understand. So he explained to me: “Dear Paula, what sounds like ‘nainielewen’ is just an English date. It is written in numbers ‘9/11’ and with letters ‘nineeleven’. That is simply the eleventh day of the ninth month – that is, September 11th. “

I wanted to start chattering. There is such a September 11th every year. But somehow I’d heard that before. Andreas had also looked a bit sad. That’s why I said very carefully: “Uh, right, this is a special day. But not a nice one, is it? “

“Yes, Paula,” he replied, “you’re right there. It’s a special day. And really not for a nice occasion. On September 11th, 20 years ago, 3,000 people were killed in an attack by very bad criminals in the great city of New York in America. You have steered hijacked planes into two skyscrapers. That was really terrible back then. “

“Oh”, I said very sadly, “but you weren’t there, were you? Hmm, because after all, you were often in America before Corona! “

He said, “No, no, Paula, I wasn’t there. I sat in the editorial office and worked that day. Then my wife called very excitedly and said: ‘Turn on the TV!’ It wasn’t like that with the internet back then. In America it was just the morning and here it was already afternoon. Then I first saw the one burning high-rise building. And then suddenly a plane flew into the second. They were two identical skyscrapers right next to each other. You didn’t even know what happened. That was awful. It was only later that it spread with the terrorists and the planes. You know: Terrorists are bad people who want to spread fear and terror with murder and violence. “

“That was certainly particularly bad for you as an America fan,” I thought out loud. Andreas replied: “Well, that was bad for everyone. After all, America is a country like ours. And the countries are friends. It showed us how vulnerable we are. But of course, I knew America and the city and felt particularly sad. “

“Have you been back to town then?” I wanted to know.

He replied: “Yes, Paula, I was even in New York three times after that. First seven years after the attacks. There were only incredibly large holes in the middle of the city at the place of the skyscrapers. In a pub nearby, workers told me about the day. They said: ‘That was bad, but we won’t let it get us down.’ Then I was there twelve years after the attacks. The new skyscraper had already grown tall and instead of the holes there were large pools of water as a memorial. The water flows down and disappears like the poor people back then. The names of the victims are on the edge. It’s very moving. And again two years later I was there and the new high-rise was already finished. It’s a sign that New Yorkers aren’t giving up and keep moving on. That is why they first called the tower the Freedom Tower. They don’t let fear and horror ruin their freedom, that means. They also have memories of the victims all over the city. In the bus station there are two small skyscrapers like the destroyed one as a souvenir. And then there is a large plaque commemorating the many firefighters who died in action there. “

“It’s nice that they don’t forget people. Then we want to think of her too and tell the children here about nain-ielewen. ”Your Paula

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