Paul Chehade with Patricia Arburú in Entre Nos

• Welcome. I am Paul Chehade, candidate for the Presidency of the United States for 2012. I was born in Wilmington, Delaware, with a diverse cultural background especially as a descendant of Hispanic parents. I am Independent and I am aware that the leader of the most powerful country on the planet needs the best of Republicans and Democrats to work AS A TEAM, sharing a “solid moral and true principles”, with a desire for work and total dedication for and for our country UNITED STATES OF NORTH AMERICA without distinction of religion, race, nationality, customs or political agenda – that is, UNITED! I want to be your President; I want us to work together to reinstitute the principles for and by which our country was founded. WE BELIEVE IN GOD and I believe in you; I believe in “We the people of America.” Let us work together to “transform” the course that politics has taken. Let’s remove the errors, let’s reform our Constitution to be able to lead our country, “our Planet” so that it is the best home for us and our children and that there is an environment of PEACE and a dignified environment that only you with “your vote” can ignite. . I invite you to read my ideas to recover our country from the worst depression of the century. As President of a non-profit organization for the past 11 years, I have helped thousands of people in need around the world. I COUNT ON YOU! For more information visit: http; //


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