Home entertainment Paty Navidad is hospitalized for complications from Covid; they make fun of her in networks

Paty Navidad is hospitalized for complications from Covid; they make fun of her in networks

by drbyos


Although he did not believe in the existence of the virus and for months he dedicated himself to ensuring that it was an invention of the governments to control the masses, Paty Navid is now one more victim.

It was recently announced that the actress tested positive for Covid and after weeks of suffering symptoms now has been hospitalized in an emergency.

According to what was revealed in the Ventaneando program, Paty contracted the virus while filming the reality show MasterChef Celebrity, as did Rebecca de Alba.

Unfortunately, things have gotten complicated for the actress and his health is very affected. In the early hours of Tuesday Paty has been admitted to an emergency hospital From Mexico City.

Sources close to the actress affirm that she was in very bad condition but fortunately she does not need intubation yet.

During the last months, the actress dedicated herself to confessing that she did not wear a mask, only chewed and when it was mandatory.

Mouth covers not because it removes make-up. It’s every so often to put the makeup artist to work. “

His accounts on Instagram and Twitter were canceled because he shared false information, such as that the vaccines introduced a chip.

Currently, the actress maintains her position, however, we do not know if what she is living with can change her mentality.

As expected, the news soon went viral and netizens were quick to express their opinion, and even make fun of it.

For now we wish his speedy recovery.


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