PATANG: Research – 3 years and 100 hours of frames

4 STARS – “MASTERY” – Roger Ebert, CHICAGO SUNTIMES A poetic journey through the old town of Ahmedabad, PATANG intertwines the stories of six people who have become the energy of India’s largest dragon festival. Official Selection – Berlin Film Festival Main Event – Tribeca Film Festival New York Times Critics Pick – “LOVELY” – Rachel Saltz, NEW YORK TIMES Producer Jaideep Punjabi Written by Prashant Bhargava and James Townsend Every year, a million dragons fill the sky over the duel of Ahmedabad, rise, fall and fly high. When a successful Delhi businessman takes his daughter back to his childhood home for a surprise trip to the festival, the whole family has to face their shattered past and fragile dreams. PATANG delights and nourishes the mind with naturalistic performances, bold, lyrical editing, live cinematography and kinetic scores by both actors and non-actors. Starring two of India’s best actors – national award-winning actress NAWAZUDDIN SIDDIQUI (Miss Lovely, Gansey of Wasseypur, Taalash, Lunchbox) and national award-winning actress SEEMA BISWAS (water, queen of bandits). Also SUGANDHA GARG (Hi Bin Laden, my name is Khan, Jaane Tu Jaane Na), AAKASH MAHERYA, MUKUND SHUKLA and HAMID SHAIKH. Original music by Mario Grigorov (Precious, Taxi to The Dark Side), Shubha Mudgal, Maga Bo, Djuma Soundsystem, Pankaj Awasthi, Papon and Shilpa Rao. Manufacturer Jaideep Punjabi. Written, directed and edited by Prashant Bhargava. FESTIVALS AND AWARDS PATANG celebrated its world premiere at the Berlin Film Festival and its North American premiere at the TRIBECA FILM FESTIVAL. this film has been screened at more than 30 film festivals to be sold out – including CHICAGO INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL, INDIAN FILM FESTIVAL OF LOS ANGELES, MILL VALLEY INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL, VANCOUVER FILM VESTIVAL and ROGER EBERT FILM. Winner of the HAWAII INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL Best Play Story, INDY FILM FESTIVAL Best World Story, Best Director and Best Film at the SAIFF Rising Star Awards, Special Jury Award for OSIANS FILM FESTIVAL, New Delhi and Best Play at DC APA FILM 4 STARS – CHICAGO SUNTIMES – Roger Ebert “The story is effortlessly made part of hypnotically beautiful visuals and woven into a kaleidoscope of colors, faces, music and little romance … Bhargava is masterful” NEW YORK TIMES CRITICS PICK – Rachel Saltz “Prashant Bharg is a lovely, unforced quality … Themes appear about wealth in the new India, family responsibilities, old ways against modern ones. They look fresh here. So does PATANG. ” YAHOO MOVIES – Jonathon Crow “Stunning, joyful visual portrait … Gorgeous.” PRICE: A – CHRISTIAN FOR SCIENCE – Peter Rainer “[Bhargava] allows us to discover these people in mostly eye-catching, extraneous moments, as if he were cunningly capturing their lives. It rarely happens that a filmmaker integrates with such smoothness staged and “captured” … When a character says, “You fly these kites and feel joy,” we know exactly what he means. “INDIAN ABROAD – Arthur J Pais,” PATANG is a visually stunning film … Bhargava handles the subject quietly and gently, but shows tension with a hand-held camera and quick editing cuts. Biswas is fantastic as the central character of the film and truly separate as the moral compass of the story. “HOLLYWOOD CHICAGO -Matt Fagerholm” There are few things that are harder to draw down than elegant visual poetry. However, cinema would certainly be a boring medium without artists aiming for the stars, and that is exactly what Prashant Bhargava does in his debut film PATANG (The Kite). ”

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