Passion of Joan Arc, CT Dreyer, 1928 – Lamentate, Arvo Pärt, 2002

Film: Passion by Joan Arc, Carl Theodor Dreyer, 1928. Music: Lamentate, for piano and orchestra, Arvo Pärt, 2002. Original panels in Danish; subtitles: French, English, Spanish, Italian. For a long time, I had the idea that these two masterpieces were made for a meeting. It seems to me that Arvo Pärt’s music gives a new sensitivity to Dreyer’s images, emphasizing the surrounding mysticism in particular. In this way, I hope to allow a renewed experience of this masterful film. I have been thinking for some time that these two masterpieces are meant to meet each other. It seems to me that Arvo Pärt’s music throws something completely new into Dreyer’s cinematography, emphasizing, for example, the mystique surrounding it. I hope this allows you to update this extraordinary movie.

[Pour ce qui est des droits : le film de Dreyer tombe dans le domaine public étant donné l’âge ; pour la musique d’Arvo Pärt, en revanche, les droits reviennent à ECM Records, mais le Lamentate est ici entièrement édité et retravaillé afin d’épouser la narration de Dreyer, et cette vidéo n’est exploitée à aucune fin commerciale ni financière, uniquement dans le but de répandre et d’enrichir la culture.]

[About copyright : Dreyer’s film belongs to the public domain due to its age ; Arvo Pärt’s music however belongs to ECM Records, but the Lamentate here was entirely reedited in order to fit Dreyer’s narration ; moreover, the video is non-commercial.]

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