Passengers pushing a plane to catch their flight! (Video)

A strange video from an airport in Nepal revealed that more than a dozen people pushed a plane with all their might in order to remove it from the runway.

The video was captured on Wednesday, December 1 at Kulti Municipal Airport in Bagura, a district in Sudorbachim district in western Nepal, more than 7,000 kilometers from the capital Kathmandu.

It began when passengers were waiting to catch a flight at the airport, as their plane was scheduled to land at the airport, but it was unable to do so because another Tara Air plane was stuck in the middle of the runway.

One of the people who were pushing the plane off the runway confirmed that it was parked in the middle of the runway due to a puncture in one of its tires, according to the Nepal News website.

So, to catch their flight, passengers pushed the small plane off the runway so the other plane could land.


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