Passenger dies pushed into the sea from a ferry in Greece, woman screams in a new video: Take him

Passenger dies pushed into the sea from a ferry in Greece, woman screams in a new video: Take him

A new video is circulating online about the tragedy at the port of Piraeus, where a late passenger attempted to board the ferry but was stopped and pushed by some sailors towards the dock and died. A woman’s screams: “Take him, save him.”

“Take that man, save him.” A new one is circulating on social platforms video of the tragedy that occurred in recent days Greecewhere a passenger arrived late on the pier at the port of Piraeusin Athens, attempted to board while the ship was about to to sail. But he was pushed off the ferry and died.

In the new video you can hear the heartbreaking screams of some people, one woman in particular, who are on the quay immediately after the man, Antonis Karyotis, 36 year old from Crete, fell into the sea.

The crew members of the Blue Horizon they pushed him back and he slipped into the water with the ferry leaving as if nothing had happened. He would later die in the vortex of the ship’s propeller. According to the results of the autopsy, in fact, carried out by the medical examiner Sotiris Boyoka, the 36-year-old died from drowning, but abrasions were found on his head, while the results of the toxicological analyzes are also awaited.

The new images were filmed by the passenger of another ship docked in port, which also recorded the screams of a woman begging to save the man.

The 4 employees of Blue Horizon, arrested after the videos confirmed what happened, they are accused of manslaughter and violation of relevant articles of public maritime law.

Meanwhile, for Wednesday 13 September the national strike of shipowners by the maritime transport unions as a sign of concrete support to the family of Antonis Karyotis, who “met a tragic death when he was removed by members of the Blue Horizon”, the Panhellenic Navy Federation specified, adding that “the State must and must adopt immediately and without any delay all necessary measures aimed at protecting human life at sea”.


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