Pascal Ory, from the Académie Française, at l’Esperluète de Chartres: “The national is now”

Olivier Lhostis, manager of the Esperluète bookstore, showed his emotion this Friday evening, when he welcomed the Chartres historian Pascal Ory.
“This is the first time since March 2020 that we have organized a meeting with a writer”. In a joking tone, the brand new Academician replied: “So you are witnessing a historic event! “.

“We made a mistake of perspective”

In front of forty people, Pascal Ory tried to answer a complex question, which is also the title of his latest book, published by Gallimard: what is a Nation?

An inhabitant of Chartres at the French Academy: the historian Pascal Ory inherits the chair N ° 32

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“I placed myself in the line of Ernest Renan, who asked himself the same question. It is neither frank nor xenophobic. “

And to specify in the preamble: “I was 20 years old in 1968, and for my generation, the Nation belonged to the past. We made a mistake in perspective. “
In front of his audience, the historian wanted to demonstrate that this theme remained very modern.

Pascal Ory, from the Académie française, at l’Esperluète de Chartres: “A Nation is when a people becomes the People”

“Globalization exists on many levels: economic, commercial, etc. But that does not lead to globalism. We see it, for example, with the pandemic, which has been treated differently by each country, or by Brexit, which undermines the supranational state project that is the European Union. The national is now ”.

What is a Nation?, by Pascal Ory, Gallimard editions, € 28.

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