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Paris Saint-Germain: Mauro Icardi probably wants to change, PSG don’t put any obstacles in his way

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The Argentine came last year for 50 million euros, but probably doesn’t feel valued. A return to Serie A is in the room.

Argentine striker Mauro Icardi reportedly wants to leave his Paris Saint-Germain club and is considering a move this summer. This is what the Italian report Gazzetta dello Sport and the French The team. According to their information, Icardi does not feel sufficiently valued by the capital club.

For this reason, the attacker should long for a return to Serie A, from which he only moved to Paris last year for 50 million euros. He had previously been loaned to PSG by Inter Milan.

PSG: Icardi’s salary could flow into Mbappe or Kean deal

Despite the high transfer fee that the club had paid for Icardi, PSG would apparently not put any obstacles in the way of a possible Icardi move. The 28-year-old has already missed 23 games this season due to injury and has strong competition in his position with Kylian Mbappe and Moise Kean.

Icardi also receives a high salary, which could possibly be invested in a contract extension with Mbappe or a fixed commitment from Kean, who is on loan from Everton.

Report: exchange of Icardi with Juve player Dybala?

Difficulty could be loud The team However, give in the transfer: PSG does not seem to want to sell the striker below the purchase price, which could deter potential buyers. One solution might be to swap players. The paper speculates, for example, about a deal in which Paulo Dybala from Juventus Turin could be involved.

In addition to his undeniable qualities as a goal scorer, Icardi is considered a difficult professional. His relationship with his long-time employer Inter Milan ended in a heated argument, and his non-nomination for the Argentine national team is attributed to an alleged rift with Lionel Messi, among other things. Icardi’s advisor and wife Wanda Nara is also the ex-wife of his former teammate Maxi Lopez, who left him for Icardi.


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