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Actor Salim Hasan says he was surprised to receive a special mention at the State Television Awards. The award is not for the person who expects or strives for it. It came by chance. “I am very happy about it,” said Saleem, who was a guest on Manorama News this morning. Salim plays the role of Parijathan in Marimayathil which is telecast on Manorama in the rain. The award for best comedy show goes to Mary.

I never thought I would consider people who play minor roles like me. Maryam is a team work. It is the success of a community that comes from many places and sees everyone as one. Saleem commented on the achievement of the award that he sought this fortune because he was a part of it.

He has been interested in art since childhood. But there were no opportunities for that. Mazhavil Manorama is reached through an artist named Thomas Thoppilkudi. Then Director R. He started working as Unnikrishnan’s assistant. Marimayam first plays a man who brings tea to a village officer. Salim was playing the role when an artist was not available. But when edited, that scene was omitted. However, Nias Baker’s encouragement gave him the courage to continue acting. So it is when she goes ahead with small roles in Maryam that she participates in the audition for the reality show ‘Not Just a Wife’ and becomes a contestant. And finished third. Meanwhile, another man became Mary’s assistant. But Saleem would always come to the set. Salim was later cast as Parijathan in Maryam.

Saleem has twice been elected as a panchayat member. The experiences of this period were very helpful for his acting career. In the morning, Saleem also shared some interesting experiences provided by ‘Parijathan’.

Watch the video:

English Summary : Actor Salim Hasan on his achievement in state television awards


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