Home entertainment Pang Kwan Khao accepts that the Ko Voranai is not the same because the lifestyle does not match up well before the male party launches a new love!

Pang Kwan Khao accepts that the Ko Voranai is not the same because the lifestyle does not match up well before the male party launches a new love!

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The latest charming widow “Phang Kwan Khao SawetpimolFamous former star and DJ He is a designer who runs his own clothing brand. Break up news with her husband “Koh Woranaiwanichkha” After the other party launched a new love, which expensive clarified that they broke up for a while. But that did not inform the news Because he thought that it was not at the right time Revealed from each other as well Brothers and sisters

Quite hilarious when “Ko Voranai” Ex husband “Expensive Kwan Khao” Come out to open a picture of a new French wife. In which they met in love during the past coronavirus. Makes many people wonder what time to break up with the latest expensive has come out with open news with the famous media like Daily News Admit that they broke up with her husband before the other party opened up to find new love. Reveal lifestyle mismatch And is also a good sibling to each other by Phang revealed that Koh broke up for a while. Because lifestyles do not match But when the breakup was the start of Covid 19, we saw that the moment it happened was still inappropriate to tell anyone personally. So I apologize to everyone. Now, expensive, insists on being single. But with this breakup, you and Go kept talking all the time. When you can’t walk forward The aim is not the same. We try to find the best solution. And now they are brothers

Accepting this marriage taught her not to screw each other too. People who are married, no one wants to break up. But if we continue to hold back, we are tired. If you are together and do not get better Or not happy We just have to let go This marriage made her mature, calm, understood life and did not scare her the next time in love. In the end, we stayed as friends anyway. With older age To know that life has to go on No matter what obstacles Let it be natural She also has a family by her side. And be with the reality Not looking at anything like a dream girl like in the old days. People who want to enter must understand. Want to share in suffering and make happiness together She will be meticulous. Not using emotions to lead to If that day really meets the right person, it’s a matter of the future. She is not afraid If you will find it, you will find it. Don’t see it, it’s okay …

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Phaeng Khwan Khao and Ko Voranai got married on January 14, 2017 according to Christianity principles. Among family and friends, close people, both in the industry and outside the industry Who came to congratulate each other warmly At Christ Church Bangkok in Silom area, where Pang Kwan Khao is the daughter of “Santi Sawetpimon” or “Mae Choi Nang Ram” Famous foodie


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