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Heidi Klum (GNTM) shows age-old pictures – very young she looks extremely similar to this German celebrity


Heidi Klum more than 20 years ago.

© Ipol_Savignano / dpa

For Mother’s Day, Heidi Klum rummaged in her archive and discovered ancient family pictures that she shows her fans – including a photo of a very young woman with a short hairstyle.

  • To the Mother’s Day Has Heidi Klum* apparently rummaged in her family archive.
  • The quad mom shows up Instagram* previously completely unknown pictures from her past.
  • Heidi Klum is even in one of the photos short hair to see.

Los Angeles – This pictures for the vast majority of fans of Heidi Klum be completely unknown. For Mother’s Day she has “Germany’s Next Topmodel“* Chief apparently in her Family archive rummaged around and found some old snapshots they took with their Followers* on Instagram wanted to share.

Heidi Klum shows age-old family pictures on Mother’s Day

“Dear mum. I wish you and all mums in the world a wonderful Mother’s Day, ”writes the 46-year-old, who has four children herself*, on Sunday on her Instagram account.

The posted Top model many old pictures (to be seen with a swipe to the right, or clicking on the right arrow), on which they together with their young mother, Erna Klum, can be seen. Heidi as a young woman in pajamas next to her mom on the sewing machine, the two snuggled up in bed, or dressed up at an event.

Heidi Klum does not reveal exactly when the individual photos were taken, but some of the photos are likely to be more than 20 years old.

Rare photo from family archive: Heidi with short, black hair

Especially on a snapshot very young Heidi hardly recognizable. She’s almost on it black, short hair to see. In addition to Erna Klum, the now million-dollar company shines on it with its dark strudel head. It is difficult to tell whether it is a wig or whether Heidi Klum actually had a short hairstyle at the time. Because young Heidi also wears a straw hat on her head.

Heidi’s “Meeedchen” in particular should be interested in the short-hair photo – the jury member regularly demands radical changes from her GNTM candidates in the major makeover Type changes and “hair off”. In this respect, the judge cannot be accused of not having tested all possible hairstyles herself.

Fans are enthusiastic about Heidi’s old family pictures

Heidi Klum’s followers are enthusiastic about the old snapshots. The fans find the pictures “beautiful” and “so cute” and are impressed by the “astonishing resemblance”.

Followers see similarity to GNTM winner

Not only does her top model look extremely similar to her mother in the photos. “You look like Lena Gercke” can be read in several comments. Some followers therefore find that young Heidi Klum looks similar to her own discovery. Because Lena Gercke was the first GNTM winner in 2006.


* tz.de is part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editors network.

debris from Chinese Long March 5 rocket crashes into villages after uncontrolled descent


(Agence Ecofin) – Originally planned to fall only in the Atlantic Ocean, several debris from the Chinese Long March 5 rocket would probably have crashed in several villages in the center of the Ivory Coast, after an uncontrolled descent.

Indeed, since the beginning of this week, several cases of falling space objects have been reported by the inhabitants of these villages. Photos of these essentially metallic debris have been found extensively on social networks. In addition to numerous testimonies from villagers, some of whom reported having heard a large explosion and falling noises. An investigation was opened for this purpose by the gendarmerie.

In a tweet illustrated by the image of one of these debris found in Côte d’Ivoire, astrophysicist Jonathan McDowell of Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics declares: “A 12 m long object crashed into the village of Mahounou in Côte d’Ivoire. It is located directly on the CZ-5B entry lane, 2100 km downstream from the point located by Space-Track. It is possible that part of a floor has crossed the atmosphere until then “.

Launched on May 5, 2020, for a qualification flight of a few days, the Chinese Long March 5 rocket recorded the most spectacular fall in debris in the last 30 years, as Jonatahn McDowell points out on his twitter account. Stating that the last comparable event took place in 1991 with the return to Earth of the Soviet space station Saliut 7.

This situation in these villages of Côte d’Ivoire is even more surprising than according to experts, the probability that this debris will touch inhabited areas is relatively low. Usually, a large area south of the Pacific Ocean off the Chilean coast, known as “Nemo Point,” is used as a vast cemetery of astronautical material to house the remains of obsolete spacecraft that are still controllable.

However, regarding Long March 5, it was a descent not controlled by Chinese scientists. This is a scenario that experts believe can occur when the spacecraft has been inactive in orbit for a period of time.

In the event that the fall of this space debris in Côte d’Ivoire would have caused damage or caused victims (which is not the case, editor’s note), the responsibility of China could have been engaged if the investigations concluded that these are elements from Longue Marche 5.

According to the specialized site Numerama, the 1972 Convention on International Liability for Damage Caused by Space Objects, states that a State “Has absolute responsibility to pay compensation for the damage caused by its space object to the surface of the Earth”.

André Chadrak with Borgia Kobri


France: Kerimov case: Swiss holding company to pay – World


French justice announced on Wednesday a financial agreement, accompanied by a fine, with a Swiss company prosecuted for having served as nominee and under-declared the purchase of villas in the South East of France on behalf of the billionaire Russian Sulaiman Kerimov.

The company Swiru Holding AG, which had sheltered the operations of buying a first villa in 2008 from the family of a Swiss entrepreneur, was indicted for complicity in tax fraud on November 14, 2019.

On the same day, the Russian oligarch, initially indicted for complicity in tax evasion aggravated in March 2019, was meanwhile placed under the status of assisted witness for this count, a procedure which corresponds to a “de-indictment” , told AFP the Nice prosecutor Xavier Bonhomme, who added that “the investigation continues”.


Swiru Holding AG has “agreed to pay a public interest fine of a total amount of 1.4 million euros,” said the Nice prosecutor’s office in a statement. It has also already returned, through a subsidiary, more than 10.3 million euros to the French tax authorities “in respect of tax evaded”, according to the Prosecutor’s Office.

“The investigations revealed the concealment of part of the price of the sale of the said villa, through the interposition of companies domiciled in particular abroad, including the public limited company under Swiss law Swiru Holding AG. The operating mode thus enabled the various parties to the sales contract to voluntarily conceal part of the sums subject to tax, ”detailed the Prosecutor’s Office.

Banal hideout

The business had started in 2014 on a banal hideout of the narcotics brigade. Suspicious cash movements were spotted and the trail went up to the Russian oligarch.

The 2008 purchase of the villa “Yesterday” for 35 million euros – an underreported amount compared to the price of 127 million actually paid according to the investigators – had not attracted attention. Notary, real estate agent, lawyer, administrator: many local actors had been indicted in this case, and some are still today.


In November 2017, the Russian senator’s arrest on his jet descent in Nice (South-East of France) had been strongly criticized by Moscow. For a time he had been placed under house arrest in Nice. His lawyers had managed to cancel the first indictment before the justice relaunched the case in March 2019.

With a heritage estimated at more than $ 16 billion by the last Forbes 2020 ranking, Sulayman Kerimov, originally from Dagestan, is one of the richest men in Russia. (ats / nxp)

Created: 13.05.2020, 22h12

Corona live ticker: The current situation in Wolfsburg and Lower Saxony on May 14th, 2020 – Wolfsburger Allgemeine


Corona live ticker: The current situation in Wolfsburg and Lower Saxony on May 14th, 2020 Wolfsburger Allgemeine.

The crisis tests Barcelona’s reputation


Will this global crisis affect the good reputation of Barcelona and his Metropolitan area, one of the strengths of a city that in recent years had successfully emerged from several successive situations conducive to anxiety? The Asociation Barcelona Global The opinion of the members of its International Council, professionals, executives and executives from all walks of life who live and work abroad and who act as ambassadors and talent recruiters for the Catalan capital, is pressing. The third wave of this survey of a hundred of these professionals shows that a majority of interviewees, 58% believe that this reputation will not be affected by the crisis of the Covid-19. However, a high percentage, 36.6% believe that the pandemic and the management that is being carried out will affect the image of Barcelona.

The Survey Covid-19 tries to know the international perception of the management of this health, social and economic crisis in Spain. The first wave took place from April 2 to 7; the second, the week of April 11 to 18, and the third, between April 24 and May 3.

The association considers it key to demonstrate that the city is ready to welcome talent

Although the percentage of opinion-makers who fear that this planetary crisis will take its toll on Barcelona’s reputation, this perception has been losing some force. Thus, in the first survey, almost half of the members of this Barcelona Global international council (45.3%) argued that, indeed, the pandemic and its derivatives would weaken the image of the city, while in a similar proportion, expressed those who claimed that it did not have to affect it.

(Raúl Camañas)

Eight out of ten interviewed in the third Survey Covid (80.5%) indicate that the media in their respective cities are reporting the situation in Spain, although as the crisis has spread throughout the world the Focus of interest has been weakening. More than half of the respondents (56.1%) value that the media treat crisis management in a “neutral” way, an upward trend since the first installment of the survey. The economic situation in Spain is what stands out the most in the media, in addition to the health crisis. And, for the first time, in the third chapter of this survey, interest in tourism appears ahead of politics. Likewise, the number of respondents who agree that the international media project a “neutral” image of the health system in Barcelona is growing.

It is evident that this sudden crisis will test the strength of the Barcelona brand. And that, once the worst of the pandemic is overcome, social and economic reconstruction will require additional efforts from all. “Being a global city implies managing our international reputation professionally and with resources, transferring what we are to the world: a friendly, safe, enterprising, open, connected, with identity, innovative, creative, knowledgeable and hard-working city. A city of talent ”, reflects the CEO of Barcelona Global, Mateu Hernández.

This private entity, which participates in the city pact promoted by the City Council, sets itself as a short-term job “to transfer that Barcelona has prepared to give its citizens the maximum guarantees of security in everything we do, something that will also give comfort to those who visit us, ”says Hernández. “It will be necessary,” he adds, “to have in place the mechanisms for identifying and attracting talent and investment that will help us to overcome the crisis as soon as possible, and for this we must be able to explain and share that Barcelona is ready to welcome creative, entrepreneurial talent, investor and researcher.

Also looking to the future, Barcelona Global is committed to “explaining to the world the experience of traveling here to walk, eat, do business, visit our attractions, attend concerts, parties or exhibitions, or simply enjoy in one of the cities most authentic in Europe ”. An objective that will require public investment and, above all, “the collaboration of all, the small craftsman, the entrepreneur of our incubators, the fair that exceeds expectations, the charming restaurant or hotel, the competitive factory, the research center of frontier, the avant-garde festival or the revealing exhibition ”.

Peneda-Gerês National Park “may be a new choice” for holidays


The Pro Greater Security Association of Men of the Sea (APMSHM) predicts that about two thousand fishermen, who operate in the north of the country, may soon be tested at covid-19.

The initiative meets a claim that the association had been defending in recent months, but which has only now been articulated with the Ministries of Sea and Health, although without a definite date to start.

“In the northern region, tests should start to be carried out at the association’s headquarters and cover 2000 fishermen from the Póvoa de Varzim and Vila do Conde areas. We still have to settle the process for fishermen working in Viana do Castelo and Esposende, and also for those in the ports of Matosinhos, Figueira da Foz and Aveiro, although most of them are from the Caxinas area, Vila do Conde ”, he explained . José Festas, president of APMSHM, to Lusa.

In a meeting he had with the guardians, José Festas shared that the beginning of the tests for fishermen were dependent on the completion of the tests that are being carried out in homes, and despite guaranteeing that “there is still no defined timetable”, but he hopes that “ start as soon as possible ”.

“The tests will not cost the fishermen, and we are trying to have them extended to direct family members as well. There has been a good articulation with the Ministry of the Sea in that sense, I believe that in a short time they can be accomplished ”, concluded José Festas.

The leader of the Pro Greater Security Association of Men of the Sea assured that, for now, “there is no record of fishermen infected with covid-19”, and stressed that the awareness measures taken by the institution he runs “have given effect”.

“Although we have an activity where it is not easy to apply all measures, we have managed to reduce the risks as much as possible. We have advised the reduction of crew members, the use of masks whenever possible and more thorough cleaning on boats ”, shared José Festas.

The president of APMSHM guaranteed to be in permanent contact with the health authorities, and that preventive measures to prevent the spread of covid-19 will continue to be taken.

“We are going to insist on hygiene and safety procedures, and we already know that we will have the collaboration of the Navy in some training actions that we will promote with the association. It will be a constant job ”, guaranteed José Festas.

The ministries of Health and the Sea announced today the articulation with the municipalities of preventive measures for the fisheries sector that include the “possibility of testing fishermen” to covid-19.

“We know that the issue of fisheries is sensitive, namely in the fishing of siege and sardines, fisheries that are approaching at this stage. They are vessels where many people converge in clusters ”, said António Lacerda Sales, Secretary of State for Health.

The minister, who was speaking at the conference at the daily press conference to update the pandemic in Portugal, said that the measures “are being articulated” between the Ministry of the Sea, the local authorities and the Ministry of Health.

“They include the possibility of testing fishermen, particularly in some regions, namely also by risk stratification and surveillance”, added the Secretary of State for Health.

Portugal accounts for 1,175 deaths associated with covid-19 in 28,132 confirmed cases of infection, according to the latest daily bulletin from the Directorate-General for Health (DGS) on the pandemic.

Hungary, Davide Lanzafame praises Orban. How to pass off a privilege for opinion


On the Courier service Turin on 10 May an interview came out to Davide Lanzafame, Italian striker who has emigrated to Hungary where he is experiencing excellent vintages among league titles, top scorer titles and the pleasures of Hungarian life. On the other hand, Lanzafame is rightly excited about his new adventure a Budapest – bank both Honvéd and Ferencvárosi – where, quoting one of his interviews from last year at Journal, “Score a lot and eat well”.

On the other hand, he confessed to the Piedmontese newspaper with which we had left that he and his wife are planning to settle permanently in Budapest, with implications surprising also from a sporting point of view: in fact, in the light of the years accumulated in Hungary and the (few) appearances with the blue shirt exclusively in the under 21 category, Lanzafame is about to become selectable for the national Hungarian coached, among other things, by the Italian Marco Rossi.

Now, speaking clearly, Lanzafame in Italy is remembered almost only for particular events. To start, the judicial ones on the football bets when he played in Bari and that they saw the judiciary ascertain that the player had taken money to lose the Bari-Treviso and Salernitana-Bari matches, for which he negotiated in 2013 the penalty of 1 year and 4 months of disqualification.

Of minor importance, but still noteworthy, when in 2013 at the Honvéd he managed to be expelled with a double yellow card fighting with a teammate over who should have beaten the strictness. For the rest, a past in the youth teams of the Juventus and many great disappointed expectations, as evidenced by the famous full page photo of the Corriere dello Sport in 2008 which read “Lanzafame can become the new Cristiano Ronaldo”. But oh well, as his career clearly shows we are not here to discuss his ability with the ball between his feet.

On the pages of Courier service of Turin, while the journalist enters the topic Coronavirus and its repercussion on the world of Hungarian football, on demand “everything decides Orban? “, The footballer replies that the Hungarian Prime Minister” has clear ideas “, that” like it or not, he decides “, that” goes against the current compared to a certain Europe, but Hungary is a country with a strong civic education where foreigners are respected “and, to finish, it makes all the hypocritical goodists of a” certain Europe “swallow the toad and drink the hoaxes of Soros and believe that all human beings have equal rights and dignity, stating that under Orban “I’m not at risk civil rights “.

Dear organizations for the protection of the rights of women, migrants and homosexuals who have denounced the situation in Hungary for years: shut up, Davide Lanzafame speaks from above of his white skin, his heterosexuality and his bank account.

Before briefly discussing how bad Orban sucks and how much Lanzafame’s claims do, it is good to underline that the Piedmontese footballer is not the only Italian sportsman who emigrated to Hungary to have a teenage crush on the wannabe Hungarian Mussolini. Marco Rossi, in fact, former Lanzafame coach at the time of Honvéd and from 2018 at the head of the Hungarian national team, a year ago he expressed himself this way: “Orban? The tendency of the Hungarian government is to protect its own autonomy national, trying to verify who can come to work here. You knock on my door but, before opening, I want to see who you are ”.

But who is this Orban, a good friend of Matteo Salvini and how much Lanzafame and Rossi like it? On the Amnesty International Italia website you can read about “systematic repression of the rights of refugees and migrants “, of” continuous steps back on human rights and non-compliance with EU laws “, which” the European Court of Human Rights has established the confinement of asylum seekers in ‘transit areas’, supervised container fields on land near the external border of Hungary, as an arbitrary deprivation of freedom“, In addition to a fight without quarter against transgender people, homosexuals and women accentuated by the state of emergency adopted since the beginning of the health emergency which allowed the nationalist leader to take full powers (what Lanzafame renders with an innocent “like it or not like it, he decides”).

In short, today’s Hungary is a postcard from a probable future Italy. And it is Rossi himself who affirms, in the interview already mentioned, that “the situation is not so different from Italy”.

So this is it. Heterosexual and rich white males who, although living in a situation of Dickian fascist dystopianism, from the top of their privileges they have no problem whatsoever going around with a smile in their mouths, to “score a lot and eat well”. What Lanzafame is doing is nothing colossal, it is simply passing off a class privilege like aopinion. Nothing new, nothing we have to get used to.

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“The stadium fell silent”: Ricardo Paciocco and the first penalty of rabona in the history of football


[Société] 5 deaths from dengue in one week


New assessment of dengue published yesterday by the prefecture and the epidemic continues its course. From May 4 to 10, the territory registers around 1,000 new cases of dengue fever. More serious, we deplore 5 deaths “directly or indirectly linked” to this virus. A total of 9 people have died from this epidemic since the start of the year “Of which 6 directly” specifies the prefecture. Since January, no less than 7800 cases have been recorded. The South remains the most affected region. Saint-Louis is particularly concerned with around fifteen impacted districts: La Chapelle, La Ferme, Lotissement Leclerc, Plateau Goyaves, Cité Cocos, Petit Bon Dieu, Kerveguen, Ouaki, Savignan, La Rivère … Saint-Pierre, les Avirons , l’Etang-Salé, Saint-Joseph and Le Tampon are also particularly affected. Dengue is now also developing strongly in the West (Saint-Paul, la Possession, le Port, Saint-Leu) and the East (Saint-André, Bras-Panon and Saint-Benoît). The three northern municipalities are all affected.

“The vector control teams of ARS and SDIS continue their interventions day and night by integrating the barrier measures against the dissemination of Covid. These treatment operations are essential to fight against the epidemic, accompanied by the active mobilization of Réunion Islanders on a daily basis ”, insists the prefecture which recalls that it is necessary to consult a doctor quickly in the event of symptoms, to protect oneself from mosquito bites and to eliminate breeding sites at his home.

Dengue fever has already contaminated more than 110,000 Reunionese since 2018. And the island now has 3 of the 4 serotypes of the virus which exposes people already infected to secondary cases whose forms can be severe. 25,357 cases “Clinically evocative” were officially listed in two years. As a result, dengue fever has claimed far more lives on the island to date than the Covid-19 pandemic (0 deaths). Since January 2018, dengue fever has killed 21 people.



Melo: “Chiellini made controversy just to sell the book. Apologies are not needed” – Milan News

  1. Melo: “Chiellini made controversy just to sell the book. Apologies aren’t needed” Milan News
  2. Melo, still poison on Chiellini: “I gave him a head” Tuttosport
  3. Felipe Melo replies again to Chiellini: “Take example from Zanetti” All Juve
  4. Balotelli-Chiellini, peace made thanks to “Le Iene” TGCOM
  5. Felipe Melo attacks Chiellini again: ‘He had to sell the book. No excuses, there is no going back. On Materazzi … ‘Calciomercato.com
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Virginia Restaurant To Fill Empty Seats With Mannequins Under COVID-19 Restrictions


A world-renowned Virginia restaurant has come up with a creative way to maintain a bustling atmosphere in the era of social distancing.

The Inn at Little Washington ― which is about 70 miles west of Washington, D.C., in the Blue Ridge Mountains ― plans to welcome customers back to its dining room on May 29.

In accordance with Virginia’s guidelines to curb the spread of the coronavirus, the restaurant will initially be operating at 50% capacity. But guests won’t have to worry about feeling isolated, as chef and proprietor Patrick O’Connell will be seating mannequins in period garb to fill in the empty tables.

Courtesy of The Inn at Little Washington

The Inn at Little Washington in Virginia plans to install mannequins at empty tables in its dining room when it reopens May 29.

“I’ve always had a thing for mannequins ― they never complain about anything and you can have lots of fun dressing them up,” O’Connell told HuffPost via email. “When we needed to solve the problem of social distancing and reducing our restaurant’s occupancy by half, the solution seemed obvious ― fill it with interestingly dressed dummies.”

Noting that the installation will encourage “plenty of space between real guests” as well as offer some cheeky photo ops, he added, “We’re all craving to gather and see other people right now. They don’t all necessarily need to be real people.”

To create the display, O’Connell is collaborating with Virginia’s Signature Theatre and Maryland’s Design Foundry, a custom event design firm.

Though many of the specifics are being worked out, Signature Theatre’s managing director Maggie Boland said she and the team will dress the mannequins in 1940s-style costumes, wigs and makeup to lend the restaurant a “post-war party” vibe.

The mannequins will be dressed in 1940s-style costumes, wigs and makeup to give the restaurant a

Courtesy of The Inn At Little Washington

The mannequins will be dressed in 1940s-style costumes, wigs and makeup to give the restaurant a “post-war party” feel.

The spread of COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, has proven to be financially catastrophic for restaurants across the country. Many family-owned eateries have announced permanent closures as their municipalities set plans to emerge from monthslong lockdowns in Virginia and other states.

The Inn at Little Washington, however, appears confident that its on-site restaurant will make a comeback. Not only is the dining room on the grounds of a historic inn, but in 2018 it also earned a third Michelin star in recognition of “exceptional cuisine that is worth a special journey.”

O’Connell, meanwhile, is the recipient of the James Beard Lifetime Achievement Award and the National Humanities Medal. This spring, he was featured in PBS’s “The Inn at Little Washington: A Delicious Documentary.”

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam (D) issued a stay-at-home order for residents on March 30 as concerns over COVID-19 escalated, at which point restaurants transitioned to takeout and delivery service only. He said this week that he believes his state is on track to begin the first phase of its reopening Friday.

A HuffPost Guide To Coronavirus