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English international Dele Alli robbed at home | Football


“A terrible experience, but we are all ok now. I appreciate the support, thank you for all the messages, ”said Tottenham Hotspur’s pacesetter late on Twitter on Wednesday evening. The Spurs also responded briefly. “We’re here for you, Dele.”

The 24-year-old international and his family got the fright of their lives early in the morning on Wednesday when two burglars, armed with knives, entered the house. A brief struggle ensued with Alli, who was subsequently restrained under the threat of a knife.

The robbers took various watches and jewelry with them. The English police have not yet made any arrests in this case.

Alli got off with minor injuries to his face. He is staying in home isolation due to the corona crisis, pending resumption of training at his club.

25 years of the tragedy of the family of Alba Flores: The matriarchy that stole the life of his father Antonio


The life of the protagonist of La Casa de Papel, Alba Flores has not been a pink road. From her 9 years, she grew up with the love of a mother, but far from her, having to fulfill her commitments as a theater producer, after she lost her grandmother and father in a tragic death that marked the renowned family of Spanish artists. .

“That matriarchy was always a legend”, A friend of Los Flores expressed in the funeral acts of Antonio Flores, father of Alba Flores, to describe the intimate connection that the singer had with his mother, Lola Flores.

And that is the matriarchy that the consecrated Spanish artist exalts today in her fight for the defense of women’s rightswho stole the life of his greatest love: his father. The second of the three children of the singer Lola Flores, was a very sensitive man and attached to his mother, to whom he always showed a devotion from a very young age.

On May 16, it will be 25 years since the death of Lola Flores ‘La Faraona”, who closed her eyes in 1995, after being defeated in a fight of more than two decades against breast cancer diagnosed in 1975. Her death not only caused a great impact on millions of Spaniards, but most especially on her son Antonio, the father of Alba Flores, as the portal reviews Soon.

Spain dressed in mourning and mourned the death of the gypsy dancer, giving her the last goodbye. But 14 days later, the tragedy knocked on the Flores family door again, when her only son, dies from an overdose of barbiturates, alcohol, and medications.

ANDl matriarchy of the grandmother of Alba Flores

As published at the time, the newspaper The country, many close to the family feared for the fate of Antonio, losing his mother.

The renowned artist Paco de Lucía said goodbye in the burning chapel where Lola’s remains were watched as follows: “Tell Antonio to take care of himself and not do anything stupid”. These lapidary words would be remembered days after knowing his fateful destiny.

Antonio’s pain was indescribable. Neither the singer’s widower, Antonio González nor his son had the courage to say goodbye to his great love. Alba’s father chose to hide his tears and sadness in the cabin of El Lerele, that his mother had sent him to build in the garden of his house to always have him near.

In that space where he was happy, He was found dead on May 30, just 14 days after his mother’s death. A deep depression joined his old addictions and his life was extinguished when he was barely 33 years old.

According to the Spanish newspaper, Alba Flores’s father was found in his bedroom, lying on the bed, with his long messy hair. Police collected evidence at the residence, such as medications, clothing, an agenda, and a handwritten paper.

The legacy of both artists has remained in the memory of a Spanish collective that always remembers them, like the Flores family, who continued with their artistic careers to which they Alba joined since she was 13 years old, when she learned of the call that the acting world would make for her.

In a new year of the death of Antonio Flores, his fans remember one of his biggest hits, the song titled ‘I would not hesitate’ written by him in 1980 and which would become a hymn against violence.

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New study of seismic signals reveals Earth’s inner core is spinning


A new study of Earth’s inner core used seismic data from repetitive earthquakes, called doublets, to find that the refracted waves instead of the reflected waves change over time, providing the best evidence so far that the Earth’s inner core is spinning.

The new study conducted by researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign published in the journal Earth and Planetary Science Letters.

Geologists do not fully understand how Earth’s magnetic field generator works, but suspect it is closely related to dynamic processes near the boundary area between the inner core and the outer core, the researchers said.

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Changes in the location of the magnetic poles, changes in field strength, and anomalous seismic data have prompted researchers to take a closer look.

“In 1996, our group detected for the first time a small but systematic change in the seismic waves passing through the inner core, which we interpret as evidence of the differential rotation of the inner core relative to the Earth’s surface.”said geology professor and co-author Xiaodong Song, who is now at Peking University.

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However, some studies believe that what we interpret as movement is, instead, the result of seismic waves that are reflected in an inner core boundary that alternately enlarges and contracts, such as the growth of mountains and the cutting of canyons. “he added.

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What are ‘doublet’ earthquakes

The researchers present seismic data from a variety of geographic locations and repetitive earthquakes, called doublets, which occur in the same place over time.

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“Having data from the same location but at different times allows us to differentiate between seismic signals that change due to localized variation in relief from those that change due to movement and rotation”said Yi Yang, a graduate student and lead author of the study.

The team found that some of the seismic waves generated by the earthquake penetrate through the iron body below the inner core boundary and change over time, what would not happen if the inner core were stationarythe researchers said.

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“Importantly, we are seeing that these refracted waves change before the reflected waves bounce off the inner core boundary, implying that the changes come from inside the inner core,” Song said.

The basis of the debate lies in the fact that previous studies looked at a relatively small group of somewhat ambiguous data generated from a method that relies heavily on the exact time of the clock, the researchers said.

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“What makes our analysis different is our precise method of determining exactly when changes in seismic signals occur and reach the various seismic stations around the world,” said Yang. “We use a seismic wave that did not reach the inner core as the reference wave in our calculations, which eliminates a lot of ambiguity.”

This precise analysis of arrival time, an extensive collection of the best-quality data, and a careful statistical analysis by Yang, are what power this study, Song said.

“This work confirms that temporal changes come primarily, if not all, from the body of the inner core, and the idea that changes to the inner core surface are the only source of signal changes can now be ruled out,” he said. .

“Not all pharmacists are well prepared for the code word for domestic violence” NOW


Not all pharmacists are well prepared for the recently introduced code word ‘mask 19’, with which victims of domestic violence can ask for help from their pharmacy. That writes Faithful Thursday. Some of the pharmacists say they have not had enough training to receive victims properly, according to a tour of the newspaper.

Faithful asked 25 pharmacists across the country about their experiences with the initiative launched on May 1. In order to be able to deal adequately with the code word, pharmacists consider training from the professional and trade association KNMP to be necessary.

Pharmacists wonder, among other things, whether they can properly estimate the seriousness of the situation if there is a potential victim at the counter. “When do you call 112, for example, and when to the Safe at Home helpline?” A pharmacist told Faithful.

Aris Prins, chairman of KNMP, emphasizes in the newspaper that the profession mainly functions as a ‘conduit’. “All the assistants have to do is call the pharmacist. And in almost all cases they only have to call Safe at Home: only in the event of an emergency it is 112. ”

Prins indicates that the sector organization is developing further training for pharmacists. The training should be available later this year.

Hasty communication due to early launch

The pharmacists also mention the hasty communication of KNMP around ‘mask 19’. The profession received a message about the initiative the evening before the announcement on 1 May. The actual launch date of ‘mask 19’ was scheduled a week later, but was brought forward after the NRC had indicated that he would publish the initiative.

Only a day later did the pharmacists receive an email with additional explanations and a step-by-step plan for the codeword.

Prins acknowledges the hasty communication surrounding the codeword. “When NRC already received signals about the word and would publish it the next day, VWS decided to announce it a week earlier. But we still wanted to inform the pharmacists earlier: hence the hasty mail on Thursday evening,” said the chairman.

Not known how often ‘mask 19’ has been used

In the tour early Faithful pharmacists also have practical experience with the code word. Almost all pharmacists surveyed indicated that they did not yet have any practical experience with ‘mask 19’, one practice indicated that they had been notified.

It is not known how often the codeword has been used since it was introduced almost two weeks ago. That is deliberately not kept up to date, says Prins in the newspaper. “It’s not something to put up for sale.”

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United States May Face “Darkest Winter” With COVID-19 Outbreak


Washington – The United States will face “Darkest winter in modern history” unless the leaders act decisively to prevent a new outbreak of the coronavirussays a government informant who says he was fired after warning the government of Donald trump to prepare for the pandemic.

The doctor Rick Bright, an immunology expert, makes his prediction in a testimony prepared for his appearance tomorrow, Thursday, before the Energy and Commerce Commission of the House of Representatives. Certain aspects of your complaint about how the government initially handled the crisis are expected to be supported by testimony from an executive at a company that produces fan masks.

A government monitoring agency found “Reasonable grounds” that Bright was fired from his position as director of the Authority for Advanced Biomedical Research and Development after making the warning in the Department of Health and Human Services.

Dr Rick Bright,
(The Associated Press)

“Our opportunity is running out”Bright says in his pre-prepared comments, which were posted on the portal of the lower house panel. “If we don’t develop a coordinated, science-based national response, I’m afraid the pandemic is going to be much worse and protracted, causing unprecedented illness and death.”

“Without clear planning and implementation of the steps that I and other experts have outlined, 2020 will be the darkest winter in modern history,” he writes.

The immunologist released his testimony after Dr. Anthony Fauci, chief government expert on infectious diseases, this week warned that the rush to reopen business and loosen confinement measures could “turn the clock back,” creating more suffering and complicating efforts to revive the economy.


“More than ten thousand fines for violation of corona rules” NOW


The police have already issued ten thousand fines for violating the corona rules, the Volkskrant Thursday. Municipal enforcers (boas) have also drawn up thousands of official reports. According to the newspaper, the number of fines also increases the resistance to the corona fines.

The majority of the tickets issued concern violations of the ban on gathering or insufficient distance. On it are high fines: 95 euros for young people from 13 to 17 years and 390 euros for adults.

Some of the people who have received a ticket, according to the Volkskrant to court. The reason for the objections is the lack of clarity in the emergency regulations. The measures enacted by the Cabinet to convert the security regions into an emergency ordinance are not always clear and open to interpretation.

The appeals are likely to succeed, thinks professor of constitutional law Jan Brouwer. “That ban on meetings is very confusing and sometimes contradictory,” he said in the newspaper. “Those emergency regulations are not always watertight.”

Gray area in emergency ordinances

Hubert Bruls, chairman of the Security Council, acknowledged Tuesday that the emergency ordinances can be confusing and there is a “gray area.” But it always is. Just look at all the provisions we have in our local ordinance. Most laws are not so black and white and that means our country is also nicely liveable, “says Bruls.

“The bottom line is that you maintain when there are really excesses. When people really wantonly break the rules. Groups of young people who keep coming together and don’t want to listen. Someone who organizes a party with a hundred people.”

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Of the relaunch, Hope: 4200 medical specialization scholarships – Il Messaggero


From the relaunch, Hope: 4200 scholarships specializing in medicine Il MessaggeroView full coverage on Google News

Al-Ahly renews negotiations with 3 players during the Corona crisis


Al-Ahly club used the period of suspension of the current activity due to the Corona crisis, in arranging the next summer Mercato papers after the meetings of the Planning Committee with the technical staff of the team led by Swiss Rene Filer in order to determine the deals that the team needs in the next stage .. And the seventh day is intended to renew Al-Ahly 3-star negotiations Their inclusion during the next stage is aimed at the following report:


Mohammed Taher

The Al-Ahly club renewed its negotiations to include Taher Mohamed Taher during the past days after the player had previously moved away from the circle of candidates to support the Red Castle in previous periods before Swiss coach Renee Filer gave the team the green light to manage the club by completing the contract with the “wing” of the contractors after he watched him for more than one match During the past period, he found in him a strong player character and with high technical skills needed by the team.

At the request of a new Fyler Al-AhlyHis negotiations with the contractors to complete the deal, and Red Castle officials know that it will not be easy in light of the contractors ’financial demands, which will be resolved in the coming days to start finding an alternative if negotiations fail to include Taher Mohamed Taher, whom Feiler sees as one of the best players in the Egyptian Wings. Outside the red castle.


Al-Ahly club officials are discussing a proposal to include defender Wadi Degla defender Ahmed Ramadan Beckham to support the team’s defense starting from next season, after negotiations between Bahir al-Muhammadi, defender of Ismaili, were stalled due to his club’s excessive financial demands..

And competes Beckham Another number of defenders to join Al-Ahly, most notably Osama Jalal Najm Enppi. Muhammad Abdel Moneim, the defender of the loaned team to Smouha, and Mahmoud El-Gazzar, the player of the loaned team to El-Gouna, entered the accounts in preparation for the return of one of them to the team if the failure to include a new defender, where One of the members of the planning committee suggested returning Ahmed Ramadan Beckham, the former team’s defender and the current Tigris, especially as he is a Joker player who is good at playing in more than one place, including the musk, the right defender and the defending midfielder. He also appeared well with the Tigris since his move to it, and he also participated with the Olympic team in a championship. African nations for young people under 23 One year, hosted by Egypt and won its title to go up directly to the Tokyo Olympics.

Al-Ahly has a priority in including Beckham, despite his final transfer to the Tigris as part of the Mohammed Mahmoud purchase deal, where he was discounted 5 Millions of pounds from the value of the deal, and it was considered the value of its purchase, as Al Ahly has the right to get it back5 Millions of pounds in addition to the value of his purchase, if he requests his return in the first season with an increase 5 Millions of pounds in every season Al-Ahly is late in its application, while no other club can enter into its purchase deal unless Al-Ahly refuses to sign the player.

Al-Ahly has the right to take back Beckham in the new season in return for 15th Millions of pounds to increase the number 5 Millions of pounds with each season, which is the item signed by Al-Ahly and Degla.

Hossam Hassan

Once the Al-Ahly club is looking to include the Smouha striker Hossam Hassan, but in light of looking at the seconded stadium first, Where Fyler discusses a file Players Loaned And who Expires Loan them out At the end season The current With the planning committee before settling the matter.


Carmen Barbieri discovered a secret of Santiago Bal ordering his belongings


Months before passing away, at 83 years old, Santiago Bal moved into the house of Carmen Barbieri, who accompanied him during the last time, despite the fact that years ago they had ended their relationship.

It is for this reason that many of the belongings of the actor and humorist are in the possession of Barbieri, who now-taking advantage of the mandatory quarantine- made the decision to order and classify everything Santiago had, so that later his children, Federico, Julieta and Mariano, decide what they want to keep. “They will decide what to keep”he explained in a note with Must see, (El Nueve, Monday to Friday at 15) the cycle led by José María Listorti and Denise Dumas.

“Fede’s room (a place that Santiago later occupied) is quite a dressing room, with six suitcases, jackets, 200 shirts, 300 ties … “Barbieri described.

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In addition, he said that he found theatrical scripts, watches, the ring with which he and Carmen celebrated their 10 years as a couple, and even a letter dedicated to Federico. “I can’t believe you got where I didn’t get to”Carmen said that she said part of the text of Santiago for her youngest son.

Carmen Barbieri, always with humor, recounted what objects she found hidden among Santiago Bal's belongings. (Capture TV).

Carmen Barbieri, always with humor, recounted what objects she found hidden among Santiago Bal’s belongings. (Capture TV).

“Although he did not leave neither cars, nor houses, nor fields, wonderful things appeared”, picarona sentenced.

Until he revealed that he was in for a real surprise. Always in a humorous tone, he expressed: “Mine photos appeared! Mine photos! And known … It was Santiago Bal!”.

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“I was free and I could do whatever I wanted”, Barbieri affirmed, “I met some well-known women and a letter,” he continued, although he avoided giving the names of the girls who sent photos to the boss. “Out of respect for Santiago and Fede.” “And out of respect for them?” Asked Listorti and she retorted: “No, not for them. Am I going to have respect for them?”he replied grimly.

Thus ended

Thus ended “Newly Together”, the last magazine that Carmen Barbieri and Santiago Bal made in Mar del Plata. Archive.

“Were the girls naked in the photos?”, they wanted to know. But Carmen, although she avoided answering, almost affirmed with her gesture. “I had them kept in a closeup with the whole family”, he revealed, laughing, and said that by chance he discovered “a lot (of the photos) of them, of the barefoot Carmelites, without panties and without bodice”.


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